I look around me and all I see are tears,
Friends in the dark, and strangers on the same path.

"I f-ing hate you"
"My tears"
"Death in the family"
"Stay up crying all night"

Each with his own pain,
Each with her own heart to heal.

The requiem plays on,
And the rain still tapping its tone,
The tone from this world of darkness.

Yet, I know that the sun will rise
And that the road of life will continue to bend-
For better or for worse.
You heard it said that nothing good lasts,
But neither does anything bad.

I sit here, knowing that I can help...
I sit here, feeling hopeless!

I've stretched out to one soul, then two,
But how can I take the world under my wings?
The loyalty of love cannot be devoted to all,
Not when it is taken.

I am human...
That's all-
Nothing more-

I still sit here
Feeling all the pain
My heart breaks,
Frustration, disgust,
But most of all-

"We're under the same sky
And the night is as empty for me as for you
...Kiss the rain"

This is all I have to say,
Keep walking,
For the path stretches on