Decisions and choices,
You want me to make them
And when I do
Your eyes burn
Hate and anger flies
The angels die
Your demons let loose
Throw your vicious nature
Right back into my face.


The words you scream
The feelings you breathe
The anger
The hate
The fear.

Fear of the abnormal
Fear of the strength
Fear of the free spirit
Singing its pain
Its pride
Right back into your face.

Reflecting your anger
Bouncing it back
One who fights for their freedom
Always hits the hardest.

Don't suppress the free spirit
Give them breathing room
Give them life
Show them that they can live
Live and let live.

Two in one,
One in the same.

Watch the bullied
The suppressed
The beaten.
They are the ones who will lash out,
And then you shall be the beaten
The suppressed
The bullied.

Fear the drowned spirit,
In resurrection you will fall
Whipped back
Back to where you belong.
Return to the submissive

Watch us
For we fight for freedom.

And those who fight to be free,
Always hit