Amazing is the road of life,
Just ever so thankful for the maker's breath.
It's bumps and highs and every twist,
All of which men can never understand.

Out of Shoel by my deliverer's hand,
Back to the high way of the sun.
So many changes in my life,
My soul, my mind, so ever strong.

My old worries seem like jokes,
Social group, soul mate, who cares?
But alas, I mustn't lie,
For along with happiness, comes hope.

Back in the days of my youth,
I would laugh at the thought of love and bliss.
But now when a friend wonders aloud,
I smile, not sure what to say.

Could I say yes?
And believe in my lover true?
No, I dare not say nay,
Lest fate passes me by.

Note: Shoel is the place where the Israelites in the Old Testament believe
people would go when they die; it is somewhat equivalent to hell.