Without You Here

Without you here,

The storm lacks passion.

The rain is no longer beautiful,

The flashes no longer brighten my eyes.

Without you here,

When the pictures fall,

I see my life shatter on the floor,

I feel like I am dying.

Without you here,

I stare at myself.

The mirror reflects an ugly mind,

Not the old, kind persona.

Without you here,

I am decaying.


Come back to me...

A poem inspired by the Finch song Without You Here, from the album What It Is To Burn. My poem Drum Beats is a lot more literal than it may have seemed...

If you can, read this poem while listening to the song, or listen to it afterwards. It may help you to understand the true feelings and ideas behind the poem, and considering the fact that I wrote the entire poem while listening to the song, it may improve reading pleasure. (lol, I've ALWAYS wanted to say that!)

Lyria Shard, Child of Glass