*Dear Mother...*

Dear Mother,
I know you've had
Such a difficult life
Seems like everywhere you turned
You were discouraged,
Your best efforts put down, insulted,
Passed off simply with,
"That's not good enough.
Why can't you do better?"
Too many times
You've been beaten down,
Pushed around,
Taken advantage of,
Stressed to the point
Where you were sure
You would soon break
Strained to the point
Where you nearly snapped,
All because of the people around you,
The ones that were supposed to be there,
Supposed to support you
But one by one,
They stabbed you in the back,
Leaving you feeling
Lost and alone
Too often betrayed
As if there was no one you could turn to,
No one you could trust.
But what you have to realize
Is that that just isn't true.
Because what you have to realize is
When the rest of the world
Turns away,
And when you feel as if
There is no one left
You can count on,
I will be the one
Who will remain standing
By your side,
The one who won't abandon you,
No matter what happens
No matter what the circumstances
I promise I'll always be there.
I love you.