Everyone has made errors
Regardless whether they're big or small
You feel those little tremors
When they echo back to you.

They creep back to you.
To the uttermost back of your mind
Haunting you constantly-
You all have experience this and know it's true.

You just shove it away.
Thinking that there it will stay.
But like a reflection,
It won't stand rejection.

It bounces right back to you.
And stares you straight in the face.
What are you to do?
Problems aren't a bit like frills and lace.

You rack your brain,
Thinking about what you'll do about it.
All the thinking practically drives you insane!
Sometimes you just end up crying while you sit.

How about making it right?
Do it justice-
Who cares if people think you a crazy site?!
At least you'll feel relieved and at peace.

*I hope you liked me what you think!*Smile*