What are your talents?
Do you draw, play music, do sports?
Are you good at talking to people?
Or maybe you're good at cracking jokes.

Are you good at making people smile?
How about.
Are you an original and just stand out?
Do you blend in?

Is acting your thing?
Getting people to do what you want?
Maybe you can use your physical characteristics-
To help you out.

Are you tall or short?
Skinny with freckles on your nose, or.
Pleasantly plump with dimples?
It doesn't matter what it is.

We've all been bestowed with special gifts and talents.
Those talents are like seeds in the ground.
We were put there purposely.
And should Bloom Where We're Planted!

::So many people try to act like someone else to be 's fine to have
a role model to follow but don't get carried is special in
their own way!::