Life is very uncertain.
Ya never know what's gonna happen next.
Earthly riches don't last forever.
So why invest in them so desperately?

Don't depend too much on tomorrow,
It may not come.
Be things take time.
Solutions will come in due time.

Be the dangers up ahead.
Use your senses.
The naïve proceed impulsively ahead.
And have to pay the penalties.

The choices we make today and now
Can really affect our future.
Think about the log and short-term effects
Those are closely connected to our future.

Wisdom is not based on your age.
Nor is it necessarily based on experience.
But on what you have learned from
The people around you and your life.

A mirror shows you your face.
Your thoughts and actions-
Tell us of the person you really are.
So act responsibly.

Humans are creatures of habit.
We don't want to step out of our "comfort zone"
Animals learn right get caught once
And know never to do it again.

As crude as it may sound to your ears.
We can certainly take up some of their.
Good and sensible qualities.
Who cares if the only thing you hear from people are jeers?

Don't be taken up with false charm,
Resist trusting unfaithful people-
Especially when you're in trouble,
With possible sever harm.

Good advice from a friend is sweet.
Don't take your friends for granted.
Words of gossip are like tasty bits of food.
Resist eating it up as if it was a treat.

Respect people around you.
A foolish person shouldn't be honored.
Like the way snow doesn't fall.
When extreme heat is presented.

Praising them would only bring them harm.
If you really them.
When good people are happy.
But when evil people are sad.

How about aiming for a more peaceful.
One where everyone gets along-
For no worldly thing is forever.