::Dedicated to Britt Foster who was an inspiration for you're 's 's sort-of a joke between the 2 of .read on!::

Tabby Cat=TB Greyhound=GH

TB: Hey hound dog! Why do you look so funny looking?

GH: Look who's talking, flat-face!

TB: *gasps in shock* What? .At least I can climb a tree!.unlike you.y-y-o- of clay!

GH: Clay? How lame can ya get!

TB: just shows how much more superior I am to you, intellectually.

GH: *stupidly* Huh?

TB: You heard me! I'm better and you know -na-na-na-na-na-na-naaa!

GH: ARE YOU talking about you freaky kitty! AHH!

TB: *sighs* Have you never seen the art studio of our human?

GH: .what does that have-(is interrupted)

TB: Yo!, are you so stupid to not have seen it?

GH: ?!

TB: That huge slab of grey clay on the middle of the .you're stupid!

GH: I am NOT!

TB: Yes, you ARE! ! HA! !

GH: (says quietly) And I thought the human was insane.

TB: What did you say?! (angry)

GH: (hurriedly) Uh.I think our human said it was gonna rain!.(whew)

TB: Oh? Some humans are total idiots, it's SUNNY outside! Not a cloud in sight!

GH: they' .they have supervision!

TB: I'm .riiiigghht.

GH: *cough*Cough* Can we have a civil conversation and change the .please.

TB: Why certainly! (graciously)

GH: (thinks to self) Why is she suddenly so nice? Ahh! Uh-oh. She better not try anything on me this time..*shudders*

TB: Are you cold or something? *smiles sweetly*

GH: you ask?

TB: You were shivering.

GH: Oh.

TB: How come?

GH: (brightly) You know what's weird?.no I'm not talking about me phrase "How come"!

TB: really now.

GH: Mhhmmm! It makes no sense whatsoever I tell ya!

TB: Soooo..

GH: Don't you get it?! I . does that does the word "why" have to do with coming?.how.. .It makes no sense!

TB: *sighs* As I've said are weird. they could learn a thing or two from us cats every once in a while.

GH: Why you cats? What about us K. .get it? Hahahahah!

TB: I'll excuse you your immaturity.*coughs*.I have very superior you ill mannered mongrel.*smiles*

GH: Wh-y-y-y Y-o-uuu.I oughta.

(cat runs around really fast around the dog, confusing him very much) (Cat halts looks around curiously.)

TB: *sighs* I feel better now.

GH: Huh?

TB: I'm sorry.

GH: Whatever for? You're the complicated thing.

TB: I just wanted to get you all riled up before I last time.

GH: LEAVE?! Where you leaving to?.NO! I .

TB: I'm gonna visit a few cousins of mine.

GH: Which ones?

TB: You dunno 'em.

GH: Awww.(sniffles)

TB: C' 't look so glum.

GH: B-b-ut.I'll miss you.*howls*

TB: Awww.! I was only kidding.

GH: You were what?!

TB: (slowly) I was only joking around with you.

GH: All this time?..WHAT?! (the dog is quite angry now)

TB: Simmer down there little doggie.

GH: were you a'tryin' to do? Drive me up the wall?. .

TB: 'd be pretty cool ya know.

GH: Don't you dare.

TB: *smiles* No.I wouldn't.I'm sleepy.I'll just take a nap now in that tree over there.

GH: The tree? *doggie laugh* -CAT!

TB: (innocently) Me? Scared of YOU?.IN YOUR DREAMS!

GH: hehe.

TB: nite-nite.(saunters off)

(cat is now in tree)

GH: (taunts) Scaredy-cat! SCAREDY-CAT!.HAHAHAHAH!

(cat drops a few acorns on the dog)

GH: Ouch! Hey! You come down here right now!

TB: *snore*Snore*..zzzzzZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZz


::I know this sounds a bit I couldn't help me what ya'll think!.hehehehe::