Is This True?

There she is. Walking so gracefully towards me. The light bounces off of her hair as the wind catches its shimmering waves. Maybe she was a Goddess in another life…

I hope her mother said yes…but what if she didn't. What if Selene was just pretending to be interested? What if she never really cared to but was just trying to sound nice, like she always does? That girl could never hurt a fly on purpose. She's smiling! What is that supposed to mean? Why am I getting so crazy about a girl, a girl with a charming smile and sparkling eyes?

"Helen?" That voice again… oh, that voice.

"Yes?" My smile is nowhere near the beauty of hers but I'm trying. Does she think anything about me? About my sandy hair and hazel eyes or does my garnished reputation blot her perception of me? Oh, how I'd die to know.

"My mother said yes!" That smile again…she must have really wanted to come over. Badly… What's wrong?

"Great." Err… why is my voice so squeaky and why is my heart pumping so rapidly inside?

"Only thing is I need to stop by my house and get my things. If you would…"

"Yes, I'll take you. I'd be happy to. I think I still know where you live…" Why am I speaking so fast? Why do I feel so exhilarated and exasperated at the same time?

"Thank you. I've really needed to get out of the house!" Her arms are so warm and comforting…why is she hugging me though? What does it mean to her? Probably not what I think it's meaning to me now. Not causing butterflies to trample through like a herd of mad elephants… nothing like this. How could she? I'm just a sleazy little tramp with a …crush on another girl?

"I can understand the needing to get out of the house. I can't stand my family either!" I hate it that she let go. Why couldn't she just hold me? No one has just held me for a while. They always want much more… more that I'd ever really wanted to give. But it was my price. My price for the oh-so-wonderful popularity.

"It's not all my family. Part of it's just the memories around the house and the fact I'm alone. I'm sure you don't want to hear about that." Why does she look so depressed? She has a boyfriend. She makes wonderful grades, grades I'd die for! What is she missing?

"I'm sure I'd like to hear. Why don't we start heading out to the car? That faster we get out of here the better! On the way to my house we can stop and rent movies."

"Oh, that sounds nice!" Wow! A happy look on her face…is a friend to hang out with what she needs?

"I'm sure we'll have a great time. We always used to have the best of times together at your parties and stuff." Oh, what to say? I can't think. Why is this happening? Am I really…

"Yeah, we did have a lot of fun then I'm sure we will have a great time. Anything better than…" Why'd she look away? What was she about to say? Why am I caring so much? "…than just a regular weekend!" That cover up was blown!

"Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot we have in common!" Right, like that's true! How could I ever compare to someone who's going somewhere in life? I'm just a less than ordinary girl… if she only knew what I feel. If I only knew what I feel!


Which one is your car?"

"That one over there." My Mustang, glimmering red in the middle of all the drab cars and trucks, stands out easily. The only thing I have in my life that I'm proud of.

"Oh, that's a beautiful car. I love the color red!" The way she floats as she sits. How could things get any better?