Charm School


Min sat at the keyboard, considering his reply to an old school friend. So much had happened this summer it was hard to know where to begin.

First there had been the move, it was a much different world here from where he had grown his cousin Tsin had friends who didn't mind helping him learn his way around town.

Then there had been the trip to Paris, that was entirely too complex to cover in a brief email. Besides, he wasn't quite sure what to leave in and what to leave out.

He could hardly just launch into it and expect it to make sense to Jun. While his family was known to dabble in arcane branches of knowledge it would still sound a bit over the top.

"Spent some time in Paris while stalking a vampire, weather was lovely."


"Went to Paris with Tsin and his friend Taz. Met a stripper, got taken for every cent I had, killed a vampire, came home."

A bit terse. And the stripper hadn't really been a stripper anyway,Taz and Tsin were lovers and he hadn't actually killed the vampire himself,although he had helped.

Try again.

"Had to help Tsin kill a vampire to rescue his friends lover who had been kidnapped and..."

Way too convoluted. And it didn't make sense unless you brought Lin and Faun into it and that just made it way too long.

Min tugged on an ear, it was an old habit he had while thinking. His ears, shaped like a lop rabbits and covered in creamy fur were festooned with multiple piercing and hung to his shoulders. His ears and tail were courtesy of his father, a rabbit phooka. Not that he'd ever met him. His mother seemed to harbor no bitterness about him though,sometimes Min thought he had been conceived more from sibling rivalry than anything else. His Aunt Una had given birth to Tsin, a half kitsune with pert fox ears and tail and perhaps his mother couldn't help but try to go her one better.

Enough of that, back to business. How to best explain his summer?

Tsin had invited him to accompany him and Taz to Paris. He had a feeling the invitation had been made under duress, he had been driving his aunt crazy and she had leapt at the chance to get him out of the house.

Tsin had explained that his friend Lin had been targeted by a vampire to help said vampire get rid of an enemy. Lins' lover,Faun had been abducted by this vamp. to ensure his cooperation. Lin, in attempting to find Fauns whereabouts had made the mistake of asking Taz for a push, in an astral sense. Taz pushed a bit too hard and Lin was forced right out of his body. His body was being tended by Mins family while he was out of touch with it and Taz had asked Tsins help in taking over Lins task for the vamp.

So, off to Paris to kill a vampire.

While there he had met Nadir, a seelie sidhe on the same mission. For complex reasons he had been posing as a stripper and Min hadn't known he was anything more,or less, until much later. As it was, Min had been swept off his feet and conned into giving Nadir all his money after it was widely hinted that dark delights were possible in a back room at the strip club. Min had found himself broke, frustrated and feeling more than a bit foolish when Nadir had lured him into an alley and left him there to contemplate his sins.

Not one of his stellar moments.

Well, now he could put the summer behind him and face the future. He was off to school soon, a small and eccentric college that specialized in both the performing and fine arts. He couldn't wait, he'd been lucky to get in. So maybe the best thing to say would be...

"Summer was fine, excited about school now. How about you?"