The Last Ride


The Story: As usual on Friday nights, my friends and I would go out to the mall, movies, and dinner. It was always Sarah, Aly, Melissa, Nate, and me. Our arrangement never changed. I was usually driving my Saturn with Nate by my side in the front sit. Aly, Melissa, and Sarah across the back in that order. Usually one of us bought all the movie tickets for that weekend. It was my turn.
We were all a little crazy that night. We ran around the mall screaming insanely and singing out of tune songs at the top of our lungs. Melissa and Sarah even walked up to guys and started to ask weird questions to them. I don't remember the movie we saw that night, it was something about war I think. The dinner was good. I had shrimp and a salad, Melissa got a hamburger., and Sarah got a platter of nachos and tacos. Aly got noodles and stuff while Nate bought the buffet special.
While we were eating, Sarah had a sudden urge to French braid my hair. I about choked on my food when she pulled out my ponytail and started to play with my shoulder length brown hair. She was such a silly blonde. I remembered laughing and falling into my boyfriend's lap. You could've guessed that my boyfriend was Nate. He had such beautiful blue eyes, something I couldn't ever forget.
Melissa grabbed Sarah to try to get her to sit down before the table would flip over and all the food would be gone. Sarah didn't like the idea that much. She grabbed onto Melissa's dark curls and poked her in the side. It went into an all out little war. Aly eventually was the one that saved us all that night from washing dishes. Though it would've been better that we had stayed and done that.
We left the restaurant at about midnight. It was time for us to chill at someone's house. It was my house that night. As we climbed into my car, I automatically flipped on my stereo. My favorite song, Crash and Burn by Savage Garden, played softly as we all climbed in laughing and giggling. What'd a song to be playing that night.
I remember Nate reaching across the seat and kissing me lightly on the cheek. "I love you." He wisphered softly as everyone else in the car did one of those "aw" things. I blushed and started my little car. A smile played at my face as I glanced over at him before getting ready to leave the parking lot.
The car smelled like a melon spray we all liked to use, minus Nate that is. It was a wonderful and comforting smell. Something I could enjoy for long hours on end. It was a beautiful night full of stars and a full moon. Maybe that was why our night of fun ended.
Just as I was getting into my hometown, a car roared off the interstate, past the red light, and into my car. Nate reached for my hand and the wheel trying to help me control my car. Our effects were useless. My car spun out of control as it hit a speed bump at full speed. It flipped and landed in the ditch outside of the old hotel. I could hear the echoes of the screams all the way into the darkness of the night.
I remember darkness and the smell of fear vividly. Nate's cold hand was laid across mine on my side. Blood dripped into my eyes as it mixed with tears. Pain was my reality as the silence pounded into my mind and my existence.
I wanted to scream to my friends. I had to know if they were all right. My voice creaked as I tried to say something. My lungs and diaphragm were being crushed by the weight of the car. Nothing but a hiss of air would escape my lips. I cried as I sat there helplessly in my broken car.
It seemed like hours on end before I heard the sirens of the ambulance. In truth it was only five minutes. I breathed a sigh of relief as I held onto my boyfriend's hand. His voice rang softly through my head. "I love you" played over and over. I found comfort in those words and a strength.
My thoughts ranged to my parents, to my other friends that hadn't come, to my school, and to people I disliked. I wished now that I could have apologized for things I had done to hurt them, friend and enemy alike. I remember fun at Six Flags or a picnic in the park. My dogs barked in my head as I lay there still.
My eyes still leaked tears of pain but now they began to weep for my friends. I prayed that they would come out of this all right. I prayed to my Savior in heaven that they would see another day filled with light and joy. I just hoped and prayed that they would survive.
The door of my car was ripped off as someone pulled me out of the car. I held on to Nate as long as I could before I was set on the stretcher. The stars had never seemed more clearer that night. They shone with a fierce determination. I was raised into the ambulance and as I was, I saw the extent of the damage. The left side of my car was smashed and caved in into the other side. I couldn't see my friends but I managed to whisper their names to the night.
" .Melissa." My eyes sneezed shut as a new wave of tears flowed down my bloodied cheeks. ".Nate."
I shut my eyes for a moment's rest of peace. They burned from the tears and the blood. Another silence filled my ears. I was alone with my thoughts. I prayed again that my friends were still all right and being treated. Thoughts raced through my head.
"Am I going to die?" "Are my friends all right?" "What's going to happen to me?" "What's going to happen to them?" "I hope they can forgive me.I still love them." Questions and words of hope rang throughout my head.

I sighed as I rested more, relaxing as the paramedics did their job. I would see my friends the darkness took me into its cold embrace.

The Ending:
All others in the car were killed on the impact. The driver died on the way to the hospital not knowing what had happened. They all met again in Heaven. They all remembered the last song they heard. The haunting song of friendship called Crash and Burn. They all remembered the last food they ate. How different each of their tastes were. They all remembered the last car they sat in. The little Saturn that took them to so many places. The boy and the girl remembered the last words shared between them.
"I love you."
They only wished they could have told their families and friends.

The Message:
Any day can be your last. You may never get a chance to say "I love you" to your family or friends again. Do it while you can. Remember the saying, 'Live life to its fullest.' and remember when you say you love someone, mean it with all of your heart.


A/n: I used real people in here but this isn't a true story. This is also my first real life story that hasn't involved magic in any sort. Tell me what'd ya think please.