She didn't want to live
But she didn't want to die
She always acted glad
No one every saw her cry

She looked up at the night sky
The stars twinkling every do bright
You could see a tear in her eye
She clutched herself so tight

She prayed her wish silently
So no one could ever hear
Her silent tears
Wishing someone would care

Some call her unwanted
You may call her fear
But the name she loved of all
Was dreamer so very mere

'. . .Yes, I am Dreamer. . .
. . .Please don't set me free. . .
. . .Because in my little world. . .
. . .I can forever be me. . .'

DA: How do ya like it my first poem.
DW: That s pretty! Who was Dreamer?
DA: ::Dufus, she was you...:: I'm surrounded by bakas...
DA: R/R...