How to Speak JAM

Me and my friend Max created this language at a party, we made a few phrases and called it the Jon And Max language a.k.a. JAM.

First thing you must do to learn JAM: Forget everything you learned in school, and everything that makes sense. You're in my world now. Actually technically, oh let's just go.

If you're bored you say that you're dil meaning bad or boring, but if you're having fun you say that you're potato. They're antonyms meaning opposites. Here's the first sentences we thought up: I'm biting the fish, meaning I'm cool. You're sucking the fish, meaning uncool. If you understand that, then you flunked out of school.

Let's go to some more weird phrases like Combing the gorilla. If you're combing the gorilla, you better gimme some! Oh yeah, it means eating a pie. Well, basically, every morning you sing to the cupcake(put on socks). And about every night you kick the printer(fall asleep). And again, every morning you punch the printer and wake up.

Most of the weekend I'm burrito, especially after having some sugar. It means to be hyper, and the opposite of that is taco. Whenever you want someone to stop hitting you, you say abap. (Quickly say ah-bahp).

Me and Max will soon make up other stuff. SO KEEP USING THE JAM LANGUAGE OR ELSE!