Adonis and Odette were wedded the night of her arrival in Knossos, Crete. They were good rulers, prosperous of a wonderful, flourishing city. The people were loyal and the people were happy. Life was just. They both lived to a long age until finally Odette died of fever when she was 71. Adonis soon joined her a few short months later with his own illness; love. They had a grand total of 5 children; 2 boys and 3 girls. They too lived long and prosperous. Crete was eventually taken over by the Romans in 67 B.C. which was later passed to the Byzantine Empire in 395 A.D.

Isidore lived to be nearly 90, advising Leda and Adonis' children. He never married again and Xan was soon abandoned on the streets and was too shamed to run back to Isidore. Inside, Isidore still loved Eldoris with all of his heart. She was someone he could not forget, even if he wanted to. He ruled Knossos fairly on Adonis' side until Isidore's death.

Kyros prospered as well. He ruled Mycenae fairly and the whole of Peloponnesus was well off. Kyros married once more but it was only for political matter. He never fell in love with his spouse. They respected each other but they both had warring hearts. He had two sons and a daughter. After his death, a grand funeral, about 300 years later, the whole of Mycenae began to war with each other, ultimately bringing down the Mycenaean culture, along with the Egyptians.

During their lives, Eldoris and Feodor continued to watch their loved ones and protected them. The gods continued to dwell by Adonis, though he couldn't see them any longer.

A myth arose from the city of Knossos. It was said that if you don't pray to the gods every night, you'd hear Kalonice's soul wailing and weeping as she'd drift through the streets. You see, her body was never buried and was kept hung. She was forbidden to join the dead with Hades. She was locked out. It was an eternal punishment for her crime of murder.


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