**This is only a description on what it's about. . .this is not the first chapter!**

The Soul Keeper

Rei Tanto is fourteen years old, nothing special there. She has three younger siblings; her two sisters are identical twins named Shi and Chi who are both twelve, and her younger brother Yoake who is ten. She has an average life, her parents are rich, but their job takes up all of their time, so they are never home. This causes Rei to take the actions of the mother sometimes; she cares for her siblings and wants the best for them. Rei is very intelligent, like her mother, and attends a special academy that is for only specific individuals. She is a freshmen at this new academy, and is new to the environment, she had attended public schools throughout her life. Problems await her at the new school, and she typically doesn't fit in, or does she?

Rei's parents one night decide to fill her in on a little family secret. Rei is a Soul Keeper, and on her fifteenth birthday she needs to begin her duties. Turns out that everybody in her family have different jobs among ghosts, souls, dreams and much more. What can come of this family? What does the future have in store for Rei?