Death 1: Part 2

I have never felt as uncomfortable in my life, as I did, when I was invited to sit at the table, inside the large house. To the right of me, was the boy, to my left, some chick who kept giving me encouraging smiles. On the opposite side of the table, everyone else was lined up, staring at me. I tried giving them a smile back, but my mouth was frozen in a blank line. The woman in the blue silk was placed graciously at the head of the table, on a kind of wooden throne that towered upwards.

The silence was growing and when it became almost unbearable, the woman rose and the many eyes shifted from me to her, with respect.

"Welcome fellow hybrids."

"Hybrids?" I whispered to the boy next to me. He just nodded and looked back at the woman as she continued to speak.

"We have been joined by the presence of Ted Mohin of London, deceased recently in a car crash, claiming only his life, but injuring the others involved, seriously."

She paused and her eyes revolved around the group all intently watching her. When her gaze passed over the boy and then onto me, it became fixed. I looked politely back and it was only then, did I realise the deep green that they were, and how they seemed to trap me. I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe, I could only stare into her eyes and search. What I was searching for, I don't know, but I couldn't look away. When she talked again, she kept her eyes on me.

"He does not yet realise why he is here, but to inform you all, he has been chosen, out of the seventeen killed around the world, to full-fill the vacant position left by our friend and comrade Taipan."

The words sank slowly in, and my brain could not process them, no matter how hard, I tried to concentrate. I think it was her eyes, for after she had paused she broke her gaze and I felt a tension dissolve into the cold air around me.

"I expect you all to give him the respect and well being we all deserve. Please make him feel comfortable in his new life, as you have all been in his position before. Thank you."

And she sat back down and placed her hands in front of her. The people turned away from her and back at me. Some of them actually smiled at me, especially the chick to the left of me, but one little kid, only half my age, well, my old age, well, you know… refused to look at me. I passed it over and when I finally realised that, where ever I was, what time it was, I kinda liked it here and I managed to smile back.

My bedroom, when I entered, was cold and wooden, but there was a small balcony that was blocked off by thin curtains, that opened of view out into the forest where I was found. I was standing there, while the boy sat on the rickety bed, testing the springs.

"Not bad," he said. "My rooms bigger, but downstairs, so I don't get the balcony."

"It's alright."

"What, your room or mine?"

I gave a small smirk at his joking ignorance. "The view."

He let out a small snigger. "Yeah well, she thinks you are gonna full fill Taipans spot, but, with no offence or anything, she's got her standards up a bit high yet."

I walked back inside and stood near the corner of the bed. Now I wasn't uncomfortable, the questions flooded back to me.

"Who was Taipan?"

"Only the greatest Hybrid of our time. Saved many living souls from permanent extinction."

"Hybrid? Extinction?"

"I 'aint the best person to tell you man." And he stood up and walked to the door.


He turned and looked at me.

"What's your name?"

He gave another smirk. "Took you a while to ask." He paused and scuffed his foot against the wooden floor. "Real name was Tony Abbot. Now, I'm just known as Axial."


He looked kind of sheepish. "Adapted from one of my special traits. When I'm in water, my DNA reacts and I morph into an axolotl."

"Special traits?"

"Depending on your DNA type, your blood in this world mutates and your are rewarded with a special skill. Some people here can hold their breath for over an hour, some can change colour, some can dislocate their jaw and grow rows of teeth."

"Sounds like X-Men."

"I wish. The only main difference is that you generally have more then one. See, I can morph into the axolotl, spit out glue from my tongue and create any form of drugs from thin air."
I was awed; there was no two ways about it.

"Do I have a special trait?"

"Yeah. Everyone does. No doubt you'll under go the test for them tomorrow when Pandora gives you your name."


"The chick in the blue silk, our leader."

I nodded slowly. 'Axial' looked back at me before he walked out the door.

"Don't worry man, you're gonna be fine."

And he left me alone.

That night I just lay in bed and thought through the day. When my mind started over again, I remembered the chick that was there when I first woke up and how when she had finished leaning over me, doing what ever the hell it was, I was healed. I tired to remember if I saw her face at the table, but when realised her face was vacant, my curiosity heightened.

"I guess she was from another breed of Hybrid, not one of ours anyway."

The voice startled me up into a sitting position. Cross legged at the end of my bed was Pandora, watching me cautiously for my reaction with her bright green eyes.

"Pandora…" I gasped, before realising that she hadn't actually told me her name before, "Axial…"

"Told you my name earlier, I know."

When she started laughing at my confused expression, I felt a blush rise into my cheeks. She was, very attractive.

"I gather he told you about the special abilities too." She paused waiting for my nod. "Well, mine is the ability to read minds. You'll go for your test tomorrow, but you already know that too." She concluded before I could open my mouth to say that Axial had told me about that too. "You are wondering what I am doing here. Well, you probably will not get too much time alone from now on. Axial has already been assigned as your guardian, hence the reason he was there when you woke up, and Isha seems to have taken a small liking to you. Isha was the girl to the left of you at the table. But you are getting annoyed at me answering your questions before you realised you have asked them, so I am giving you the chance to ask them now."

And she smiled prettily at me.

I shifted uncomfortably in my bed and then poured out my questions. She answered them simply.

"I died?"


"In a car crash?"


"But now I'm alive?"

"Sort of."


"You are a hybrid of your natural self. You have been chosen by myself to protect over the human race."

"From what?"

"From the opposite Hybrid family."

"The opposite?"

"There are two families. Ours and theirs. While we protect the human race, they try to destroy it. It's a war that has been raging for centuries."

"How come I haven't heard about it when I was alive…or…whatever?"

She raised an eyebrow. "What do you think would have been the world's reaction if they had known that a group of living un-dead were running around, mingling with people?"

"We mingle with people?"


"They can see us?"

"Yes. You have any sort of interaction with them." She paused, "Yes, any form of interaction."

I looked guilty at her. I keep forgetting she can read minds.

"Your job is to protect humans from the other Hybrids. They try to steal there souls, so they can thrive in the real world, instead of the parallel universe that we exist in at the moment."

"Where do they live?"

"Somewhere in the desert. We cannot touch them in our world; there are too many forces that we can use to stop each other hurting. It's practically impossible to touch each other. We can only destroy one another in the real world."

"Destroy each other?"

"You have already died, so that makes you immortal. Normal mortals cannot kill you again. But the other Hybrids can, by finding your weakness and using it to their advantage. As they break you down, the DNA that makes you a hybrid dissolve and you fade into the air and become nothing."

"What is this house then?"

"It is a sanctuary, created by the original Hybrids to house those chosen. We enter the real world from these grounds and we return to it."

"Those chosen?"

"You, me, Axial are all chosen, as I told you before. Once you have died and been chosen, you do not age, but remain in the body form that you were."

"So I will never get older?"


I sat back and tried to take everything in. My mind grew weary with all the information and I rubbed my head.

"You have many other questions, but your mind is fatiguing. Sleep. You will find the answers in time."

And she rubbed my bed hair back, stood and floated out my room. When I laid back down, my eyes closed, but my mind was still open. It was at least and hour before I managed to get to sleep, but I did.