A poem for the people on whose lives apparently suck. The rhyme scheme is practically non-existent, it's chaotic, unpolished and there's no rhythm, but its purpose lies further beneath the surface...


Sorrow Is So Demanding


A thousand unconnected lives with

Wires severed, souls misplaced

Roles unfulfilled with the

Markings on their faces

And in the grunged and tired places

Lie the downcast eyes of grace


Where the street-stalking

Trash-talking predators whose

Smiley face stickers read "KILL"

In bright red letters

Where the hunted lose their will and

Bow their heads in muted sorrow

Where the chains and barbed wire

And mind-binding fetters

Set the tone for tomorrow


Where in dank devil basements the

Rank vile replacements line

Their bones inside the oozing tar

Looking for a supernova star to

Explode and take them all

To places where the sun doesn't shine

And where the metal scraping

And soul aching

Is just a trick someone was faking

Where death comes in his own time


A million dead connections lying

With their buttons losing pace

Electric lemons drained of life and

Power lost with ripcords dangling

And their wrist veins all entangling

From the sockets of disgrace


And for those who've already

Confessed their downward sprawling

What do they want?

Just the sun to stop its calling

Because they all know

That just below their window

There's nothing to stop their falling


From the gas chamber life they led

Yesterday as the toxins leaked

Straight into their head

The poisons that someone else sowed

That they'd reaped

They just want to go to bed

'Cuz they'll never find what they seek


An eternity of lost connections with

Gaping holes where keys should be and

Sockets spitting sparks of loss

While dimming eyes have lost their fire

And missing plugs without a single wire

And fraying cables dangling free


Where there's no place to land

In a land filled with trash and

Where sinking sand marks the city

Graveyard where they hide

And the dirty streets look to

The futilely waving hand

Of the crowds outside


Sorrow is so demanding

It's hard understanding what with

All the lack of sleep

Maybe they want pity

But the slow sluggish sandman

Gliding past this darkly lit city

Throwing his midnight sheep onto

Only those who've not yet felt

What it means to fail the leap


A single lost connection and a

Glistening copper wetness

Untouched without data when a

Lost light lacking a button press

Dropped commands and made a mess

And those millions lost connections plunge


Into the filmy darkness.


For the sake of someone, please review.