This poem is a tribute to somebody I fell in love with. Unfortunately, I
never got around to telling him how I feel. So I wrote a poem about him
that expresses my feelings. Please tell me if you guys like it. If you
don't, then please give me suggestions on how to improve it. It's my first
poem so don't be harsh.

Unrequited Love

You sat beside me one day
Lowered your voice to say
Do you have a boyfriend?
And I thought, "Oh my gosh,
He's actually asking me out!"

I looked into your eyes
They were dazzlingly green
Your mouth twisted into smile
For a moment I couldn't breathe

You took my breath away
I felt my heart beating
As fast as it can
You really are my man

I went into a daze
Wings grew by my side
And I was carried away
In a different land

But before I could answer
I just remembered
That your girlfriend Janine
Is my best friend

Thus my fantasy ended
I was back in the world
Sitting beside you
Looking quite sad

Alas I cannot
Go out with you
It would break my friend's heart
And ruin her life

So goodbye my love
I'll see you again
In the land of dreams
Where love never ends