(A short prequel to the upcoming novella "WELCOME TO THE GOVERNMENT, MEMBER #86.")

By Conrad Roberts

Conform or die!

That was the slogan sitting on the book's cover. Richard looked at it with a smile. It was what described the world. You had to conform or you'd die.

Buddhism had been the most recently abolished religion. Richard was eager to see the coming war though. Christianity was about to be destroyed. Finally, peace. The Christians and their silly beliefs had caused more trouble in this world than all the other non-conformers combined. They had started the most wars. They had killed the most. They had violated the laws set by their precious bibles (Richard had a chance to destroy 60 of them a week ago) more than any other religion.

The Jews had been easy. They conformed very nicely. Richard actually liked the Jews. If there were some overthrow tomorrow he'd become a Jew. He saw it as the most Liberal of all the religions.

Yes, they had just seen the end of the Conservative Crusade. Conservativeness was practically dead. There were no Conservative governments anywhere. The world was looking like it'd be a better place soon.

Time to lock and load.

He grabbed his shotgun as the alarm sounded. People were calling this a new era. The Death of God. He hoped they were right. If there was a God, he certainly was cruel.

He saw them moving out on the front an hour later. They wore their purple and white robes, trying to spread their words before they all died out.

"Time to die." Richard whispered.

One shot, two shots, three shots. Ah, they fell. They died. And they thought they were going to some magical place called heaven. Boy, they were wrong. There was no heaven. There was no hell. There was nothing. There was no stupid god pointing his finger at things and making them disappear.

"God is dead!" someone shouted. Yes, they were right. God was dead. God was created by man long ago so man could explain the things he didn't understand.

One more Christian dead, another year of happiness. It was 2057, or 0 D. G. (Death of God) A new dawn was on the horizon. Socialism rang throughout the leading governments, religions were being abolished left and right, and Christianity died when Richard Johnson fired the last round in his shotgun.

All in all, the world was headed towards Utopia.


If you already couldn't tell, Conrad Roberts is an Atheist who envisions Utopia as a Socialist society without religion. He hates Conservative Christians that refuse to listen to logic and reason. He is obviously an Evolutionist, and before you ask, he's Pro-Choice. He normally doesn't write material like this, but feels he needs to in order to express a belief that people are scared to express. He is currently working on a second person novella that takes place in 98 D. G., or 2155. He hopes the Conservative Christians will burn his novella, because it will only increase his popularity. Hate mail can be sent to Starcraft86 .