It was mid afternoon one day. A girl by the name of Alexy was walking through the mall as she normally did. Her dark brown hair flowed across her shoulders. Her eyes brown eyes had a warm look to them in the summer sun. She was mindlessly strolling around not looking for anything in particular. She looked up and saw her favorite bookstore and decided to look around. She browsed through all of the fiction and sci-fi first. After scanning all the sections she found a book that she had wanted for a while now. She pulled down "Interview with A Vampire". It was her favorite vampire movie so she wanted to check out the book. Suddenly a voice talking to her caught her attention.

"You're into vampires?" asked a man.

She spun around expecting to see someone who worked there or something. But she was wrong. She was standing before a tall man with dark brown hair like hers all dressed in black. His eyes were a dark shade of brown and he look very well built. "Yes I am. I think that they are very interesting. I love how they're always so gorgeous and refined. That bit of mystery to them is very hot," she said sounding like the hormonal teenager she was.

"Hm I never thought about that. Well you picked a very good book. I just happened to buy the same one yesterday," His voice was not deep but low. It was almost seductive. He gave her a faint smile

Her heart was racing. This guy was incredible. Just then she realized how rude she was being. "Oh I'm sorry I never told you my name. It's Alexy but I prefer Alex," she offered him her hand. She hoped that she didn't sound too anxious.

"Hello Alex, I'm Marco. Pleased to meet a young lady who is so interested in vampires," he gave her the biggest shock of her life by kissing her hand rather than shaking it. He then lifted his head and gave her another warm smile.

Unintentionally she began to blush. She turned around trying to give herself time to cool down so she kept looking for another vampire book. Her heart was still beating at top speeds. Once she felt better she turned around about to ask him if he wanted to get something to eat but he was no longer there. 'I wonder where he went so fast' she thought to herself. She went up to the cashier and paid for her book then headed out of the mall and into her black mustang. She took a moment to look over her shoulder to see if he was there, but sadly he wasn't. She got into her car and pulled out of the parking lot. As she was driving home she turned up the music and listen to her favorite Mary J. Bilge song, "Rainy Days". It seemed like at that moment nothing but Marco mattered. Soon she came up to the apartment building she lived in. It was large and looks to be expensive but to her it was average and the rent wasn't too high. She took the elevator up to the 3rd floor and walked to what she had to call home. She unlocked the door to her apartment and she put the book on the counter then went to the answering machine to see who called.

"Hey where have you been all week? Call me when you get home girl. I need to talk to someone!" said a friend of hers. Next was a call from another friend asking if he could borrow one of her books. He was a fan of anime like she was so of course it was a graphic novel he wanted. Then the next messaged played. It was from a group of her friends, inviting her to a party next week. She just shook her head. Of course they wanted her to come in costume and with a date. And of course she had neither. She figured she'd hit the mall tomorrow and pick something up. About a minute later her dog came up to her and begged to be rubbed.

"Oh Demon you're such a lazy dog." The dog was only five pounds and was very happy but always lazy. It was mainly all black except for it's paws and the tips of it's ears and tail. She picked the dog up lovingly and hugged him. She put him back down and headed for the shower. She turned it to a nice warm temperature then began to undress. "What a wonderful day. Finding the book I wanted and meeting that cute guy," she said to herself. She went in the shower then began to lather up. While she was in the shower a strange feeling of being watched came over her. She looked around but she didn't find anyone. So she dried off and got ready for bed. She pulled out her black silk pajamas then plopped down on her bed then relaxed. As she closed her eyes thoughts of the mysterious guy flowed through her head then she fell into a deep sleep.

The sun crept in her window and a single ray of sunlight flashed on her eyelids. She awoke feeling still tired. Demon jumped up on her bed as he always did and walked all over her. "Hey what do you think you're doing. I own this apartment not you." She smiled then petted the dog then got up to fix them something to eat. She looked around not seeing much that looked worth eating. She grabbed a few things then began cooking. She gave him a big bowl of dog food. She made scrambled eggs and toast for herself. After she finished eating she switched on the radio then turned on the shower. She undressed then climbed in. For a while she just let the water sprinkle over her dark skin. The once she came back to reality she finished her shower then turned off the water. Suddenly the phone rang. She quickly grabbed a towel and raced to the phone.

"Hello," she said now out of breath.

"Hey Alex where have you been?" asked her friend Dominick.

"Sorry I was out all of yesterday. Mainly at the mall," she replied.

"Oh. Hey did you get my message?"

"Yeah, I'll come by in a few minutes and drop off the book. So are you going to Kioko's party next week?

"Yeah but I don't have a costume. I would go get one but my brother took the car for a road trip so I can't get one," he said sadly.

"Well I'm going to the mall once I drop off my book. You want to come along?"

"Sure thanks. Well I better get ready then," he said sounding even happier than he normally is. Which is very hard since he's always sickeningly happy.

"Ok see ya Dominick," she said and hung up the phone. She went to her closet and looked for something to wear. After much rejecting and little picking she decided on a black top with only straps for a back and black bellbottoms made of cotton and spandex. It was her favorite type of look cause she always went for sexy and mysterious in black only. She quickly brushed, combed, and flattened her hair. Then pick up her dark sunglasses and keys as she headed out. Leaving food and water for Demon of course. She jumped in her car and drove off to Dominick's house with the book lying in the front seat. The light breeze felt good so she rolled down her windows and cranked up the music. It was a short drive to Dominick's house. When she got there he was waiting on the porch looking at a squirrel in a tree.

"I swear Dom one day you'll marry a squirrel and have squirrel kids," she joked using the little nickname for him. She unlocked the door and waited for him to get in.

"Hey that would be cool," he smiled then picked up the book. His obsession with squirrels was unmatched by anyone she knew. "Hey thanks for letting me borrow this"

"No problem, I know you love Inuyasha as much as I do so it's only fair." She smiled at him then drove off. She decided to take a short cut to the mall so they would be there in three minutes tops. "So who are you taking to the party?" she asked while turning down her music.

"Huh I didn't know we had to take someone?" he said innocently. He was normally more informed on stuff like this. But then again some wonder if he's listening since his mind likes to wander.

"It figures. Well I don't have anyone to go with so we can go as friends," she said cheerfully as she pulled into the parking lot and looked for a parking space.

"Ok," he said rather sadly. He didn't mind going as friends but he wanted more out of the relationship. They had known each other since 8th grade. He wanted her to notice him but she never thought of him as more than a friend. Back when they first met she did have a crush on him but that ended after she assumed that he didn't want to go out with her.

"Hello Dom did you hear me I said we're here now come on before I leave you in this car," she joked. She never would do that to him. He was a cool guy to her. He was strange but cool.

He got out of the car and they walked into the mall. It was very big and had the most stores out of any of the other malls. They stopped and looked at each other expecting one of them to say something.

"Well we could spilt up and meet each other at the food court," she offered trying to break the uncomfortable silence.

"Maybe we should stay together, I may need your opinion on my costume," he said. Really he just didn't want to leave her side. He moved closer and gave her one of his stupid kiddy smiles. He wanted to put his arm around her but he also wanted to keep his arm attached to his shoulder.

"Whatever you say. Hope you can keep up," and with that she disappeared searching the mall. She decided she would be a vampire for the party but she shopped for everything but her costume. They finally came to a store that had everything. She helped Dominick find a squirrel costume even though she felt ridiculous looking at it. After about 2 hours they both had their costumes but Alexy still wanted to shop.

"I'm going to look around in Barnes And Noble. I'll meet you in E/B when I'm done ok?" she looked at him and saw how sad he looked. Immediately, she knew what was wrong. "Here I'll give you ten bucks. You can get something to eat and hit the arcade then meet me in E/B.

"Thanks," he said then he dashed off for some pizza. He didn't eat much for breakfast so he was starving.

She walked in the store and looked around again but this time looking for some graphic novels to buy. She saw many that she wanted but had a hard time picking. Once she picked one she bought it then left the store to sit on a bench and read it.

"You like anime too?" said that same familiar voice.

"Oh hi Marco. Yeah I do. Inuyasha is my favorite one. Do you like anime too?" she asked innocently.

"Of course. Say would you like to come with me to get an ice cream?" he offered sounding very charming. He had a way of even making the words ice cream sound sexy.

"Sure!" she said forgetting all about poor Dominick. She walked with Marco to a small ice cream shop on the other side of the mall. As they walked she kept taking quick peeks at him and looking away before he could see what she was doing. To make her look more innocent she would lick her chocolate ice cream cone.

"Is there something on me?" he asked not looking at her.

"No, why do you ask?"

"Because you keep looking at me and looking away when I'm about to look"

She just blushed then looked down. She felt like a total idiot now. It must have made her look so desperate to be looking at him so many times. But she couldn't help it. Before she realized what was happening a hand brushed the hair out of her face.

"I didn't mean to offend you. I just wanted to know if something was wrong." His voice was soothing and soft. Almost like he was singing a lullaby to her.

She just melted gazing into his deep brown eyes. Before she knew it they were leaning closer to each other. Their lips were only inches apart. But of course their passionate moment had to end when a certain person she left behind walk up to her.

"Where were you I was waiting for ever! Who's he?" Dominick asked completely oblivious to what was about to happen before he came.

Alexy backed away from Marco and blushed. "Dominick this is Marco. Marco, Dominick" she gestured to each then as she said their names.

"I think I'll go," Marco said. As he turned around he slipped something into her hand not catching the attention of Dominick. He gave a forced and faint smile to Dominick then walked away.