After Marco and Alexy left Paolo's home they spent nearly all their time together. Marco was so afraid he'd lose her again that he never even left her side. Alexy didn't mind. She loved being with him. Nothing in the world could make her happier than he could.

As For Dominick and the clone things weren't so bad. The stuff that Paolo had used didn't have as strong of an effect as it was supposed to but Dominick still fell for the girl. Even though he knew that she was only a clone of the girl he once loved she was still her own person. Sure as far as looks went she was identical but her soul was different. He knew then that she was the one for him.

The girl or Alex as she liked to be called, was also very happy with Dominick. She even loved squirrels like he did. The spent the next few days watching squirrels in trees. She even went to a pet store and bought one. They felt as though nothing could go wrong.

Since everyone was so happy they seemed to overlook the fact that there was still the matter of the costume party. Alexy and Dominick of course weren't going anymore but how would they explain their new dates. It was going to be hard to explain a clone and a vampire. They all decided that they would meet at Alexy's house today and discuss what they were going to do.

"They be here soon," Marco said sitting on the couch with Alexy lying on his side.

"So what are you going to go as?" she asked as she sat up and kissed his cheek playfully.

"A vampire," he said smiling at her with half of his fangs showing. He knew his smile drove her crazy.

She leaned closer and kissed him fill on the lips. "You know how much I love that smile," she snaked her arms around his waist and hugged him lovingly.

"That's why I did it," He pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. Just then the doorbell rang. He kissed her one more time then he stood up and walked to the door. On the other side were of course Dominick and Alex.

"Hello," Dominick said cheerfully.

Alex just smiled politely then stepped inside. She waited for Dominick then held onto his arm. She loved being with him. He made her so happy and she was always in a good mood when she's around him.

Dominick smiled at her then they sat in two chairs next to each other. "So how are things going to work?" he asked after Marco sat back down with Alexy.

"I saw we just go as we are. Who really cares what they think if we're happy." She smiled at Marco as she said that. Marco nodded his head in agreement.

They all looked at each other noticing the awkward silence. Alexy looked to Marco and Alex looked at Dominick. None of them had any idea of what to do or say.

"Uhh does anyone want something to drink?" Alexy asked trying to cut out the silence.

"No thanks," said Dominick and Alex said in unison.

Alexy gave up on them and went into her bedroom.

Marco watched her go in the room. His eyes roamed back to Dominick and Alex. He wanted to follow Alexy but he knew that he should at least wait till they leave.

Alex got the picture and grabbed Dominick's arm and waved to Marco. She could tell he wanted to be alone with alexy and Dominick would take too long to figure that out on his own.

Marco looked back to the bedroom door and walked in.

*~*~*~ Later that night *~*~*~

Marco and Alexy arrived at the party a few minutes late. They both looked stunning. You could just tell they were a couple. Every person in the room looked over at them. The attention made Alexy a little nervous at first and she latched onto Marco's arm for protection.

He looked down at her and smiled. "You look beautiful," he said as he let her squeeze his arm.

She felt a little better and she hugged his arm then looked around for her friends. Suddenly a tall black haired girl dressed as a bride ran up to her.

"Wow Dominick sure can make a great costume. He's a total hottie now!" she said checking him out from head to toe.

"I hate to burst your bubble but he's not Dominick. This is my boyfriend Marco."

He felt a charge run through him when she said that he was her boyfriend. She could have said he was her slave and he wouldn't have cared. As long as she was near him he'd always be happy. She was so special to him that it was an honor to be considered something so intimate.

The girl just looked in shock. Her crystal blue eyes then saw the real Dominick in a corner talking to a girl that looked a lot like Alexy. "Ok what's going on?" she demanded.

Alexy was about to answer when she noticed that Marco looked a little funny. She stared at him eyes full with worry. She laid her hand on his arm and watched.

"Excuse me," he said then rushed off outside leaving alexy confused and afraid for him.

'Darn it! Why couldn't I hold back my transformation just a little bit longer!' he shouted in his head. Soon he spotted a private bench and he sat down burying his face in his hands.

"She's gonna hate me now." He sighed then looked at the ground.

"No she won't but she will wonder why you ran out on her," said alexy who somehow snuck up on him. She sat down next to him and smoothed out her black dress.

He looked up at her then back at the ground. It was time that he just came out with it. "I didn't want you to see me in my true vampire form."

She raised his head to her eye level and kissed his lips with a feather light touch. "It's ok I told you when we first met that I like vampires," she said remembering that wonderful day.

That made him feel better and he wrapped his arms around her bringing her into a long romantic kiss. He loved the feeling of her soft lips against his own.

After a few minutes they parted and both looked drunk from pleasure and happiness. Alexy looked deep into Marco's eyes. So deep that she could see his soul and could tell what he was thinking.

"I love you Marco."

"I love you my dearest Alexy, and I always will." They shared one more kiss, but this on was special. The people inside came out and shot off fireworks in the dim lit sky and the light from the moon cascaded down on the couple. There was no doubt about it. This love would last forever.

The End

Yes after 2 months of writer's block for this story I finally will bring it to an end. Thank you all who have stuck by me and reviewed and I hope that my other stories will make you just as happy.