In Search Of.

I want someone
Who will let their eyes wrap around me
And burrow inside of me
To lay their claim there
(With grappling hooks of fixed affection)

I want someone
To be hopelessly fascinated
(Neither obsessive nor demure)
By every nuance of my actions
And every bend of my body

I want someone
To listen with rapt attention,
Drinking in every word I speak
With the fervency of dire thirst
(But not one otherwise unquenchable)
And eyes securely padlocked to my own
With intensity enough
To bore holes in one less solid than I

To know true safety in a hole-less net
Where even if my scales are slippery
You'll still try to reel me in
And hold me close,
(Not too stifling close)
Inhale my scent,
(As though your lungs depended on it)
Be captivated by my hair,
(Tickling your face)
And tantalized by the touch of my skin
(Like electric current conducted through yours)

Someone whose
Strength defines them on their own
But who yields to me at will
(Fighting back just for sport)

Someone whose
Adventurous flare envelops me
And takes root deep in my own spirit
So we can reap the fruits
Born of our exquisitely tended tree
(Of reckless capers and audacious escapades)
And so with our imagination
(Bound only by the number of shades of the sunset)
Whipping in the windstorm of our minds
Will we discover
(Through intimate discourse and rash folly)
The very source of our being
(As interwoven as the ocean's blues and greens)
To be within that very spirit
That possesses us with spontaneity
That we find ourselves to be one
(Of two parts)

And we will never forget.