I sit and point out the obvious
In the remarks you make
Some say it's witty
Some say it's funny
But I think it's lame

What am I doing here
Walking down this road?
I don't know for sure
Where I'm going
And it only gets narrower
I heard

I look all around me
Unable to fully take in
The aesthetic beauty I see
My eyes glaze over
And my ears are muffled
Until I'm an uninvolved listener

So what puts any value
Into the cynical comments
I make?
Who decides what's worthy
Of laughter or discussion or praise?
What am I doing here
Dancing in the rain?
I'm trying to find my way
In places where the path to see
Is never plain

So talk to me
Let's have a real conversation
An intellectual interlude
From the faux lives we lead
So I don't have to guard
Or resort to cynicism
To avoid looking into
Th emotions welling up

If I can release
And let down my battle sword
Then maybe you'd open up
So we can relate
And relax
And connect

No holds barred
No cynical remarks
No strained laughter

Just communication
Just be