My name is Sirenity.

No, I did not misspell my name, though most mermaidens cannot even spell the word "I" for flounder's sake. I can write very well for my kind. In fact, I am the only one of my kind that can spell worth a sea serpents dung. Not like anyone would want... a sea serpents dung... or anything...Umm, yes...

Anyways, my name is a cross between Sirena, typical mermaiden name, and Serenity, a name or a word meaning something like calm. But I am anything than calm right now. Caught in a fisherman's net, I should have known better! But no, I had to chase that pretty fish- straight into a trap meant for fish with no brains!

Now I am in a pond. O, Poseidon help me, a scummy, muddy pond! That gristled old man plans to sell me, most likely. Hah! I know better than that. I WILL get away. After all, I am the smartest of my kind, and the bravest.

I watch the humans and learn. I saw paper, I made kelp paper. I saw books, I used turtle shells and kelp paper to make a book. I saw ink... octopi of course!

Pens? Stole a penguin's feather from Marina... Well, it was silly! All she did was put it in her hair and flounce round like she was Aphrodite or something. I think this is a *much* better use, don't you?

O yes... How did I learn to write? Boat wreck! Papers and such, and I taught myself. Quite a long time it took. My sisters did not even notice what I was doing. They are quite pretty, but quite vain and daft. Bah!

(O and brain coral makes *excellent* ink wells.)

It is really no wonder I am Princess of the Atlantic Ocean, is it?

Oh, eel's teeth. I hear that silly fisherman coming up the lane. Must go...


Back again.

I outsmarted that silly fisherman! With his boat on wheels. Thought that he could just carry me off, did he? I think not! All I did was pretend to be dead. He sees me and clutches his heart like he will die and says

"O no! I'm goin' to hell now! I shoulda' left the poor creatur' alon'! God will have me throat!"

And the he hobbles away, acting like he's dying. Foolish humans. I'm immortal! I cannot die. But I do *not* wan't to spend the rest of my life being handed from human to human, gawked at behind bars. Would you?

Hmm... How shall I get away and out of this pond? Surely he will-


I have returned.

I had to stop writing... I heard voices. Two old women gossiping! I hid in the reeds, and learned something perfect... though I *do* feel guilty about it!

That old Fisherman apparently died of a attack of the heart. All my fault... When they left, I mourned some, as all mermaidens do when somebody dies. But still, I am excited. They said nobody would buy the ugly old hut of a home he has.

They also laughed and said that John never really believed that he would get a mermaid. (It's mermaiden! Not mermaid!) Old George was only crazy.

What does that mean? All I have to do is worry about getting out! I just hope that I can get out...

I must think.


I have an idea! O brilliant me!

That fisherman left his boat on wheels nearby. It is dangerous, but if I slide my way to the boat on wheels, perhaps I can sit in it and push my way to the ocean with my tail.

But what if I am caught? O I could not stand it, as the chances are that it would not be a gristled old fisherman who people think is crazy... I could be caught and out behind bars like I feared.

I am frightened. But I cannot live here... what if those women came back to gossip? That scares me.

(O yes, I weaved a new rope to use as a belt to secure this book to... It is made of reeds, and is stronger than kelp! I try not to worry of my looks... but, O, it is in a mermaidens nature, and I could not help but hand some cattails and snail shells to it!)

I'm leaving now. In case I don't make it... I don't know.

Farewell... for now?


I made it!

Not to the ocean, but to the forest. I am quite safe, I think... For now.

I should go now... Just had to celebrate!

Again... farewell... for now?


I made it! But this time, to the ocean! Blessed salt water!

I rejoice, but I must begin my journey home...



I am home! My journey is over.

Thank you, Poseidon, for guiding me home.

I had one run in with a shark, but a school of fish swam by, and he went after them. I've never swum so fast in my life, I'd swear in Zeus's court!

I never thought I would be so glad to see my sisters... Marina, Dauphilia, Gullna, Nautilianne, and Wavnia...

We embraced and it was quite happy. I showed Marina the penguin feather quill, and offered it back, but she said no, I could keep it. The water became saltier with our tears. I never thought I would be so happy to see them! But, O, how I am! And mother and father and my brother's (Though they were less sentimental and were trying to be tough, I could tell they were joyous!) and my friend Lillianna, the water nymph...

I have run out of kelp paper, and this is my last page.

So farewell!



Author's Notes:

Can't say this is my best... too short. But maybe one day I'll be able to write a longer story... I like the idea, and Sirenity's character... Hope this goes somewhere... :)