Fighting to believe in you

Why are you so hard to find?

What can be real in you?

Take the easy way

Believe in the unseen

Instead of believing yourself.

Is that all you are?

Why should I believe

In something so invisible

What did you ever do?

But make me feel bad

About myself

And about everyone else…

Love everyone?

You inspire hate

And breed insecurity.

You are a nuisance

I don't want to believe

In something so invisible

And so hateful…

Author's Note: This is a little something I wrote last night when I was feeling a little annoyed at the jesus channel. heh heh. Anyway, Percolating Peet's Readers who are reading this, this is for you. I'm almost done with the next chapter, but I won't have it done till I get back from rafting, so it'll probably be about a week before you see any updates. Have a lovely day!