"Sweet as Rain, Sweet as You"

Whenever it rains in the summer,

I always feel like I did

when I was little, and I

was wrapped snug in my favorite

blanket, and I knew nothing

could ever hurt me. Ever.

There's a calm protection about

security blankets and warm rain,

it makes me think I could be

strong and could handle anything

life handed me. Almost a false security –

but security none the less. It's

almost the same feeling I get

when I'm wrapped warm in

your arms, and I can feel myself

drifting off to sleep, and I just

know that while I'm

with you, nothing will ever

hurt me. Ever. When you

leave for the night, the

rain and blankets are never as

comforting as the heat from

your body or your fingertips

through my hair or down

my spine.

When the rain subsides,

I'm left with just the lingering

smell of wet grass and leaves, like

the way your cologne lingers

on my body after you're gone.

I'll look out my window at

the clearing skies, and towards

the hill, where just beyond I

know you lie – dreaming

of me perhaps? And I remember

your smile, your lips against

mine… the way we fit so

perfectly together. I don't

think I could find a love

like this again – close,

safe, warm, trusting… actual

love. I don't want to

have to find a new one.

I want your arms to

be my blanket and your

sweet kisses my warm

summer rain. Just protect

me, while you love me,

that's all I ask of you,

that's all I need. You, as

my guardian, my angel,

my knight in shining armor,

my lover.