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It was a bright and sunny day... A fourteen-year-old blue eyed boy with shaggy brown hair named Maven (Maven?) sat in his bedroom fumbling with his broken guitar amp. Suddenly, he heard a scratching at his bedroom door. He ignored it for a while, trying to focus on fixing his defective amp. But it got louder and louder until he could stand it no longer.

"I can stand it no longer!" he cried thrusting the door open to find...

"Ahh! Killer rodents!"

And indeed there stood before him a band of horrible, vile-looking, evil(which is vile spelled in a weird way), deadly, killer rodents. Now Maven was a very smart boy and few people knew this but he was well aware that if you find a band of horrible, vile-looking, evil, deadly, killer rodents standing at your bedroom door, you should always sing the national anthem backwards, while running around in circles and stripping. Maven did so with extreme discomfort but was relieved to find that the killer rodents had run away. (It was probably the stripping that scared 'em off...) After they had gone, Maven thought about the awkward situation he was just in. Why had those killer rodents attacked him? It could only mean one thing. Someone was after him...

"Well, this stinks," he muttered to himself. "Now I have to run away and never return. Just like Simba! Where's my coat?"

After getting his jacket from the hall closet, he proceeded to the front door with caution. For he knew that the slightest sound would awaken his ever-alert, middle-aged father sleeping on the couch. And it did...

"Where are ya goin' son?"

"Oh, I just running away and never returning," Maven replied coolly.

Oh fine then," his father said, rather insulted. "Go on your little adventure! Become a sorcerer why don't you?!"

Maven tried to cut him off but he kept going.

"Ooh, let's develop a potion! Go on, Mr. Maven Potter! Maybe you should put on a hat to see where you're going!"

Once again Maven tried to stop him, but it was no use.

"Or better yet, why don't you learn the ways of the force and train under Master Yoga?!"

"Dad!" Maven cried, anxious to get away. "First of all, it's Yoda, and second, I was just attacked by killer rodents!"

Maven's father gasped. "Then by all means, RUN! Before more of them come! Go! GO!"

And Maven did go. He ran and ran and ran and ran and...well you get the picture. He was off...

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