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They pile across the windows, on the wings, the wheels, grabbing anything they can. They wan't to get away. Anything for life. Anything to escape the coming death.

I start to cry, knowing that no matter what, they will not escape it. The ship will travel to fast to hold on. They can't escape.

I cry harder when a little girls face is shoved up against the ship's window.

"I can't help you!" I cry "Please go away!"

But the dark eyes stare back at me, terrified. I grab the tape and the safety blinds that the stewardess offers. Beneath her plastic smile I can see the pain and the fear. The fear that's in all our eyes...

I tape the blinds up, blocking out the little girls eyes, face, mouth, nose... the fear.

Always the fear.

I hear the sound of the ship's engins revving and starting, and the ship begins to move. From the heat of the silvery suit I wear, I can still feel it, going past the speed of sound...of light... of everything. So fast, you can't hear the ship, see the ship. It is invisible.

I scream, but the words are torn away.

It takes one hour for the ship to slow and then stop.

I start crying and sobbing, scared that mom and dad and Stephanie's ship didn't make it through. Somebody begins to scream hysterically. I open the blind and see space. Darkness...speckled with light from stars.

"Are we here?"

"Is this Mars?"

"Oh my God..."

Voices are around me. Then another voice comes on.

"We are stopping temporarily to eat and rest. The restrooms are at the back of the ship if you need to use them. We will be starting again shortly.

"How long till we reach Mars?" someone screams. Evidently, the stewardess heard.

"Six more hours."

Some people groan. Others do nothing. Some walk slowly to join the line for the restrooms.

I just sit, and wonder what will happen. I grab, almost robotically, the tray of food in front of me. I open the tube of yogurt, and suck on it till it's gone. Unwrap the chocolate bar and munch on it. I leave the sandwich. I am not hungry.

The stewardess collects the unopened, uneaten food and pushes her way to the back. It will be sorted through, and put away until the next break.

I look back out the window, brushing hair out of my face, and I see the other ships all ligned up by ours. It seems to go on forever. I wonder if Stephanie and my parents are on the one next to ours.

"We are now departing for Mars. There will be three more hours until the next break. Please fasten your seatbelts and make sure that all blinds are closed securely."

I retape my blind. Another stewardess comes and checks my seatbelt and blinds.

Soon, the engines start up again and I wait until the next break. When it comes, I go through basically the same routine. Then I wait.

The thump. The stop. The gasps.


I b arely hear what the steward says.

The doors open up, and we bumble slowly towards the exit. I peel off my suit, and wait my turn as the steel stairs roll down. The line advances slowly.

Then it is my turn. I hand my suit to a steward, then step down.

"Della! DELLA!"

I turn to the right.



We run and embrace, our tears mingling. Mom and Dad join us, all hugging and kissing and crying.

Then I turn and look around.

"Mars..." I say again, a whisper drowned out by the noise. We are in a great glass dome with green plants and concrete floor. It is cold. The stars are bright.

"Della!" I hear again. I turn and am tackled.

"Kelly!" My best friend! I hug her and cry some more. "You made it!" She says.

Then we hear the explosion. There are screams, and we look and see a fiery ball.


I say it. Then I cry.

I feel hands on my shoulder. Mom has one hand on my shoulder, one on Kelly's. He's crying too.

"No, Della," he says to me "This is our home now."

And we watch as the future begins.


Author's Notes:

Wow... This one was written in about three seconds... But I'm proud of it. :) If you haven't guessed, this story is about the end of the world. Morbid, huh?

(PS: This is another of the short stroies that's in "The::Faerie::Library::", a collection of my short stories... You can read it if you like this one :)