Title: Dreaming of a Lovely Angel

summary: Kha meets someone who could fill that void in his heart but when the summer fades, will their relationship?

warnings: BOY X BOY LOVE. ^.^ Dont like, then piss off.

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Chapter 1

Off-key humming resounded the thick walls of the library, the only library, in the vacation city of Eden, Florida. Occassionally, the hummer would sing a few mispronounced stanzas before relapsing into the throaty rumbles. The library was abandoned by all other life, save the old librarian who was probably snoozing next to the computer at the check out center. Most of the people in Eden were at the beaches, partying, and just plain socializing. Whether at the arcade, the cinemas, the theatrse, the beach, the numerous restraunts, the dainty little cafes, or causing all sorts of havoc at the mansions the wealthy owned; people were enjoying their first days of summer. College students, high school students, children, business owners, and other diverse groups spent their time in Eden with merriment. The proportion of those that inhabited Eden were eager for visitors; most of those being the students that attended Eden University or Eden Academy for the prestige rich.

As for the owner of the beautiful but not-in-sync voice; Kha Mikels would be studying at the college as a freshman come the fall. Albeit, his appearance definitely did not suit his age of eighteen; he was once told by his father that he had the body of a fifteen year old girl. It was all in fun and jesting but Kha had once stared at his reflection for hours before deciding his father was correct. He was incredibly short; he barely reached five foot five inches. He was slender too; not thin but slender in the way that girls were. He had muscle definition; something he was very proud of but he still could only lift fifty pounds. That was a meager amount when compared to the body builders that frequented Eden. Kha knew girls that could bench more than he. To add to the fact that he was effiminate, he was extremely pale. His mother was pure Irish and his father was pure Dutch; combined that equalled poor chances of getting any sort of tan. His sandy- blond hair was cropped in waves that, if left untreated, fell lazily to his chin. Endearing freckles were sporadically spread across his nose and cheeks. The one thing that perplexed Kha the most was his eyes; they changed color upon his moods so it was impossible for him to lie.

Kha ran a hand through his hair, yawning. He glanced at the clock perched on the wall. It was nearly noon; he had a lunch rendevous with his friend Amara. Kha packed his bag, shoving his notebooks and books inside. Despite it being summer, that did not deter Kha from exploring his curious nature with interesting information. He straightened the folds in his green polo shirt, the tight fabric fitting snugly against his sculped upper torso. The hip hugger, slightly flaired sandstone jeans earned him quite a few hungry stares from the libido-raging women. With a polite no, Kha turned their sexual offers down.

Kha shouldered his bag, flipping his sunglasses down to cover his eyes. The burning heat of the southern Florida city had him wishing he had thought to wear shorts. The streets were teeming with cars going to and from their alloted destinations. Kha stopped at the intersection, already seeing Le Cerise in the close distance. He even fancied he could see a mop of curly brown hair belonging to Amara. He patiently waited for the crosswalk sign to go to the WALK signal. He didn't see the need to have a car. He could purchase any one he wanted, no matter the price for his parents were the president and vice-president of Ni Tech; the number one computer producer in the nation. Kha found it a waste of ozone to have a car when everything was within walking distance from his house.

A cat-call sent a wry grin on Kha's full lips. He smiled, seating himself at the table underneath the shade. Amara, four years older than Kha with a heart of gold and tolerance for Kha's often gloomy moods, returned the grin much more cheerfully. She was plump; not with the 'standards' that society set for woman to be anorexically thin but she didn't care. She had graduate from Eden University just two weeks before and would be moving to New York to be a fashion photographer. Kha knew his heart would break when that happened; she was the only person he trusted and the only person he had ever gotten close to. Besides, she accepted his sexual orientation without batting an eye. In fact, it was Kha's homosexuality that caused the two to become friends. Kha was having trouble with accepting the fact that he was attracted to other boys-he had been fourteen at the time-and completely destroyed his emotional mentality. Amara had found the boy about to commit suicide and that forged a beautiful friendship.

Amara hugged her small friend. "I thought you weren't coming. I was beginning to get worried that you'd trapped yourself in the library again."

Kha blushed, freckles more prominent as he slipped his glasses onto the crown of his head. Amara laughed, sipping on her latte. "Don't be such a prat Amara. You know how I get sometimes. I just...can't put down a book until its finished and I've absored all the knowledge."

Amara pulled a blank stare. "You're insane Kha. What are you going to order?" She tossed him the menu. "You should get something really fattening. You're so skinny Kha!"

"Oh hush! I can't help that I have a high metabolism." He stuck his tongue out at her, searching the items on the menu. "I know what I want!" He giggled.

"And what would that be?" a deep, silken voice came from behind Kha. The young man nearly jumped in surprise. Amara smothered her chortle behind her hand at the extremely obvious blush manteling her friends face. Murky brown oculates like melted pools of chocolate stared evenly at the light blue eyes of Kha. He was more than a foot taller than Kha with bronzed flesh rippling over lean muscles. Dark brown hair spiked lethargically from the man's scalp. Kha had to stop himself from drooling.

"Um..a...a. Monte Cristo Sandwhich and an Austrian Strawberry Pastie with Cream Cheese and a Mocha Latte."

"For you?" the tall brunette said, turning towards Amara and completely giving Kha a view of his arse. Kha controlled his hormones and focused on a tiny dot on the ridge. Focus. It was important for someone his age; especially considering he was gay and this tanned god most certainly wasnt.

"Caesar Salad and another French Vanilla Roast." Amara caught the glint of his name tag in the sun, reading Shaun. Amara glanced at Kha; the boy was avoiding at all costs the handsome Shaun. Amara suppressed her sigh. Kha had been lonely for so long. He was courted by women, yes, but no men ever approached him. Even if there was a gay man, he most likely would never come out of the closet. He would be so far in the closet, he'd be in Narnia. Amara wished with all her heart that someone would come into Kha's life and sweep him off his feet.

Kha oggled Shaun as he walked into the cafe, his hips sauntering. Kha buried his head into his hands, groaning. "Why do I have to be the only faggot in this stupid place?" Amara clucked her tongue at Kha's slandering himself with the bigotted term for homosexual men. "Amara, am I ugly?"

"God no! You are the sexiest creation on this planet." Amara meant it too.

"Am I stupid?"

"You studied 60 hours a week while in school and you still study while out of school. You graduated with a 5.0."

"That means I'm smart? Okay, good. Then what's wrong with me?" He asked rhetorically, feeling the impdending dread start to swallow him whole. He got this way; pessimistic to a fault. To some people, loneliness isn't something to fret over but for Kha; he ached to have someone to hold and cuddle, yearned to ravish someone in kisses, longed for copulation- something he was a virgin of. "Oh, that's right, I'm a bloody pouf!"

"Kha!" Amara hissed angrily at him. "Don't you dare speak like that! You are the most infuriating brat at times! God Kha... You. Are. Perfect. If someone can't see that then they're a fool." Amara patted the guilt-ridden man's arm comfortingly. "Cheer up, okay? I hate to see you frown. You'll get premature wrinkles."

"No!" he said aghastedly, touching the corners of his mouth. Kha giggled, that mischevious sparkle returning to the sea-green eyes. "Thanks Amara."

"Always welcome Kha."

Shaun returned with a tray of their food. Kha gave her a Look. Amara rolled her eyes and tipped five. Kha wouldn't forgive her if she didn't. Shaun smiled at Amara then turned towards Kha who, blushingly set a twenty on the tray. Shaun was surprised at the little blonde, Kha's eyes shining a brilliant violet. "Thank you," Shaun said softly, leaving the bill on the table. Shaun, as he went into the cafe, glanced at Kha. The other man gave a squeak before hastily diving into his sandwhich. Shaun's grin broadened and as he went inside, he could have sworn he felt those piercing, myriad eyes on him.

Kha banged his head against the table. "I am so stupid! I just tipped him more than the entire bill! He must think I'm a fruit! Don't comment on that!" Kha warned as Amara opened her mouth. She shrugged nonchalantly. "He's probably telling all his buddies about the pansy!"

"Kha, Kha, Kha," Amara said, her nerves of steel able to combat Kha's constant ramblings. "He seems like a good guy. I dont think he would do that." ^And not to give you false hope, but he was staring at you but you were to oblivious to see it^ Amara thought, keeping it to herself. "Just finish your food. After this we have to go to Ophelia's."

Kha pouted. "Why? I dont want to go to some stupid party."

"It isn't just any party," Amara stated matter-of-factly. "You know that Dalton that is a very influential person on your parents. The merger with Il Tech would be extraordinary. It has to go off without hitch and if that means you're wearing tux, then so be it."

"You're mean." Kha giggled as whipped cream stuck to his nose from his pastie. He looked for a napkin and was displeased that there wasn't one on the table. He looked questioningly at a raised brow Amara. Kha followed Amara's vision. Shaun was assissting a couple, face impassive. "He smiled at us. He didn't smile at them."

"Don't get you're hope us Kha. You did tip him twenty dollars."


Kha blinked as his light was extinguished by a broad frame. Amara was suffering a bought of giggles that she could barely control. Kha's eyes widened as the glomp of white was suddenly wiped from the tip of his pert nose. Shaun smiled wryly. "I told my boss to put napkin stands out here but he said it would look tacky." He set a stack of napkins on the table, flushing. "Um, so...well, bye." Flustered, Shaun left abruptly.

Kha kept blinking cutely. Amara slapped his head. "Snap out of it Kha. He's gone and we should too."

"What..what about the napkins?" Kha pointed at the paper.

"Oh for Heaven's sake Kha, just take the things with you."

"Right! Okay!" Kha put the napkins into his bag, feeling a tad wierd for doing it but he was a man with a crush. Anything went. "So...off to Ophelia's we go?" Amara nodded, practically dragging the pouting Kha towards the boutique.

~ ~ ~

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