Title: Dreaming of a Lovely Angel

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Chapter 3

Kha was in a state of complete and utter nervousness. He was tittering on the glass railing of the grand staircase that led to the second floor of the mansion, watching his parents direct the servants. There were sixteen paid staff members. The cook, the gardener, pool cleaner, the handyman, the stable man, chauffeur, personal attendant to his mother, dog walker, five maids and three servants. Kha was a bit apprehensive. He could give them all the night off so his rendevous with Shaun didn't get spoiled but what if they mentioned it to his parents? They were already suspicious of him.

He would just have to take a chance with it because there was no way in hell that the staff would keep his bringing a man home a secret. Perhaps Marie, the cook, and of course Norris would keep it quiet but the rest he hadn't known since childbirth. Suddenly, an echoing bang spread throughout the first floor and Kha wasn't surprised that his parents had left without saying goodbye to him. He was mainly used for public relations. It wounded him deeply that he was seen as an object, a prize, a commodity... A trophy that his parents could put on display at any given whim to their rich friends.

Kha sighed, descending the stair case. The ancient grandfather clock gonged 4:00. He didn't have long until Shaun came. "Syndel!" Kha caught the attention of one of the maids. She bowed respectfully to him. "I want you to tell everyone that they're free to leave for the night."

"But..but sir, Missus Relena asked us to stay here.."

"I don't care what my mother said. They're not here and I am. I'm giving you an order and I expect my wishes to be carried out."

"Yes Master Kha."

Kha rolled his eyes as the ditzy woman went about her task. Trust Relena and Serge to hire the least intelligent people who were only good at their trades. Kha went outside, squinting at the man at the end of the long driveway. He whipped out his mobile phone, too lazy to walk all the way towards Norrs. "Norris, a friend of mine should be arriving in fifteen or twenty minutes. I want you to let him in without the security precautions."

"Yes sir."

Now, to figure out just what he had on the agenda for the evening. Kha gnawed his lip. He wasnt used to romancing anyone. Just what could he do? Did he honestly want to take things further than a kiss at the end of the night? He wasn't ready for anything sexual. Though...the thought of having that tall and lean body completely free of clothes, those supple muscles, proud and erect pe- Kha meeped as his imagination became more vivid. It wasn't the most opportune time to explore his fantasies revolving around his new friend.

Kha barely took notice of the staff taking their leave for the night. Not for the first time, Kha wished that he had a scooter he could drive in the house. The kitchen was nearly a five minute journey from the foyer. The marble floor, made from the most expensive material, the pillars and columns with Greek deities carved into them, the statues surrounding the fountain with the Goddess Aphrodite perched in a seashell and modeled after the Venus de Milo, amazed everyone that was allowed the priviledge of coming inside the Mikels Manor. Various plants skirted the foyer and the skylight of mosaic paneling provided ample lighting for the exotic foliage to grow amiably.

He took a right down the pseudo-torch lit corridor. Numerous paintings from the most accredited artists donned the walls including several from Da Vinci and Picasso-original works. Kha, unlike most of his stations, loathed having all the worlds splendors at his grasp with a swipe of a credit card. He found the overly large mansion tedious and cumbersome. There were dozens of rooms that he hadn't even been in due to the sheer size of the manor. When he was young, he had found secret passages and nearly gotten himself lost in the process of exploring his curious nature. Kha did enjoy the money and the freedom of not having to work a job but he became annoyed by it as well.

Kha entered the "culinary" section of the mansion. The spacious kitchen, completely done in white and with glass overtones, was flooded with sun rays. The kitchen, as Kha had discovered, was the size of a modestly sized floor level house and would undoubtely harbor a family of four with space to spare. A pair of staircases near the expansive freezer led to the wine cellar that was stacked with thousands of expensive alcohol. A breakfast nook was just off the side and formed a patio to the exterior into the beautiful garden.

Kha wasn't shocked that Marie was bustling near the stoves. "I thought I told that idiot girl to tell you to go home."

Marie laughed. "Oh la la la, non, monsieur!" The french cook tutted. "Who would make you ze food? You would starve to death."

"Oh gee, thanks, Marie." He pouted, taking a loaf of bread and tearing a hunk off. "I guess I am glad you are here. I won't be ordering any food from Dahli's."

"What is ze the occassion?"


"Un garcon?" Marie's eyes twinkled with amusement and knowledge. Kha snapped his light grey oculates from the pure marble counter and blinked rapidly at Marie. "Eh? You t'ink I didn't notice the way you stare at Dominic?"

Dominic was the gardener and was a very handsome youth who had initially made Kha know he was gay. Kha shook his head. "I can't believe you know. If it's that noticeable, do my parents also know?"

"Ma cher, of course not. So, who iz zis young man zat you are bringing home? Il est beau?"

"Tres beau!" Kha fanned himself. "He should be here any minute now. So..you wont say anything to mom and dad about him?"

"Non. You deserve your happiness, cher."

"Thanks." Kha swallowed the rest of his food and washed it down with a glass of water. With a wink to Marie, Kha started for the foyer again. He was just entering it as the door swung open to reveal Shaun. Kha squeaked. "Hi!"

"Damn, hey. Wow, nice pad." Shaun embraced the smaller man tightly. "What the hell do your parents do to afford all of this?" He gestured towards the interior decorations.

"They own the Ni Tech." Kha shrugged, ignoring the bewildered expression on Shaun's visage. "I'm not exactly the best person for entertaining. I prefer my books to people," he admitted with a bashful flush of his cheeks. "But my house has a million things to occupy our time."

Shaun chuckled, leisurely wrapping his arms around Kha's waist from behind, arching to rest his head on Kha's shoulder. "Believe me, I want to know all about those million things but I'm aching from work and I'd be thrilled to just sit down and watch a movie with you."

"Um...okay." Kha felt his skin blush at the close contact of Shaun's body pressing into his. The dominating scarlet spreading on his face became more prominent when he realised that a certain party of Shaun's anatomy was dangerously close to rubbing against the crevice of his arse. "Right. So, how was work? You didn't seduce any other blokes did you?" Kha grinned as he pulled Shaun towards the stair case.

"Hah, only you're special enough." Shaun beamed. "Are we going to your room?" he purred into Kha's ear. Shaun couldn't himself. Kha was too adorable when he blushed and besides, didn't Kha want sex from it? It wasn't as if he wasn't used to it. Everyone felt lust and carnal desires and Kha wasn't any acception.

"Actually I was going to take us to the cinema..."

"You have a movie theatre in your house?!"

"Doesn't everyone?" Kha laughed weakly. He felt a little disoriented with Shaun being so close to him and the sexual innuendos were a bit disconcerting. What if he was just another lay to Shaun? Kha really didnt think he could go through with that, not when he was starting to feel some sort of emotions for Shaun.

# ##

Shaun grimaced as he entered his flat. His back was hurting him from the long hours he was pulling at Le Cerise and then the sexual escapades he had nearly every night with various women wanting him to try various positions. That reminded him... He had an appointment with Cherish, one of the wealthiest women in Eden. He also had promised his little blond that he would pay him a visit for a date.

He didn't want to break it off with Kha. The boy was the sweetest thing to happen to him in a while. He was all smiles and blushes. He was long lashes skimming high cheekbones, inquisitive and innocent eyes that shifted in hue- a mystery Shaun wanted to solve, a compact and fragile frame that had Shaun wanting to bugger him senseless and yet snuggle constanstly.

Shaun sighed. If he bailed on Cherish again, he would be in trouble when Guile found out. Most likely a beating from his thugs. Guile wouldnt kill him no matter how many times he threatened to do so. Shaun was an asset that made Guile a tremendous amount of money. His last lay with the vice chairman of Eden (a male) was near three hundred thousand dollars. Sex with men was rare in Eden and Gustave had wanted to expirement and he paid the top price.

Shuddering, Shaun went to his bedroom. He tried his best to blot out the fourty-some year old man from his mind and the revulsion of being filled with his semen. He changed into more casual clothes. He didn't care about impressing Kha. The boy probably would have cared less if he came wearing a trash bag; just as long as he came.

Shaun waved down a taxi and directed him towards Kha's home. Shaun ignored the butterflies fluttering in his entrails. What if Kha discovered out who he really was? The venom in Kha's voice when he spoke of druggies and hookers was so hateful. There was no way that Kha could find out.

~ ~ ~

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