No one knew why Rider had died. Only I did.

" Aaron?" mom said gently. " We can go now."

I nodded and we walked away. Inside I was sad and seething in anger. Who had killed her and why? Why were they against her?

I entered the threshold of Rider's home.

" Hi Aaron," Lily said to me dully.

I nodded and left for the stairs. The room whirled and I was trudging up the steps of an empty castle.

" Cameron!" a voice called after me.

I turned. The name Cameron was beginning to grow on me. I saw Sandra catching up.

" Hello," I said.

" I'm sorry about what happened," she said breathlessly.

" Me too," I replied vaguely.

" Yeah," she sighed and then her eyes lit up again. " We are supposed to wed tomorrow."

" We are?"

" Yes. My sister has died and so has my betrothed," she said. " Or so King Dallas said."

She looked at the floor. " I really am sorry. Dallas told me to tell you that."

" The sorry part or the wedding?" I replied bitterly.

Sandra frowned. " Get over it Cameron. She's dead and you have me!"

" Yay."

She flushed with anger and flounced off. " Beware!" she called after my retreating back. " You never know whom to trust!"

The words bounced off me as I plodded down the hallway. I stopped; beware of whom you trust. Could the archer have possibly been Sandra? It could've been anyone of the wedding guests. I heard running footsteps behind me.

" Cameron!" Sandra yelped.

I turned and she made a flying leap at me, before knocking me over.

" Sandra!" I cried.

She smiled at me. " You can rule me off your list of who murdered Leanne. I was jealous but not enough to kill her." She smiled again, wanly and rolled off me, an arrow protruding from her back.

" I see," I said and crossed off her name on my mental list of murderers. The mysterious archer had struck again. Did this mean Lily will die in the future?

The hall whirled and I was at the funeral home again, this time for Lily.