By: *4 Starz*

Disclaimer: This story is my own work which I did shortly before I tried to commit suicide. This is to Maria and Gwen for helping me through that rough time and for anyone else that feels hopeless. By writing this, I am NOT promoting suicide. Doing that is just taking an easy way out and that is for wimps.

I am so tired of this crap,

which way should I go?

I am so disturbed,

I do not know.

I could use a gun,

all it takes is one shot,

but when I think of the pain,

I know I could not.

I could use a knife,

just slice at a vein,

but if I live,

forever I will be maimed.

I could use drugs,

overdose till I'm high,

I will feel no pain,

I will not realize when I die.

I could use pills,

they will make me sleep,

no horror, no gore,

and I will finally have peace.

As I consider my options,

I hear a little voice say,

'You have endured 15 years,

why throw it away?'

'You have too much to live for,

you could be anything you want to be,

with so much potential,

how can you not see?'

'People are jealous,

don't listen to what they say,

you are smart,

don't give them the time of day.'

I sat down to think,

focus on what the voice said,

I couldn't believe what I was going to do,

I don't know what went through my head!

Looking for my guardian angel,

the spirits were mean,

the angel was gone,

nowhere to be seen.

I looked out the window,

heard the horn from a car,

but when I look to the sky,

I see a burst of light from a star.

I will never know about my angel,

if it was from heaven or hell,

if I will see it again,

I guess only time will tell.