A/N: This is a poem I wrote from my viewpoint on my Father who I am estranged from. Please read and review and tell me if I should send it to him.


There was I time I would run and jump into your lap

You would laugh and pull me tighter, you made me feel safe

I was your little girl and you were the tallest man on earth

The years passed us by and now we are strangers

The words I love you, never reach our lips

It didn't happen overnight to make us like that

It took years to make us strangers

Still I remember the fondness in your eyes as you looked at me

I could do no wrong and you were my hero

When I was six you remarried but I was still your little girl

Sure there were problems but you still spent time with me

Made me feel special in the way only Daddy's could

Your youngest son came home when I was eight

Things changed from there


At first I wasn't the light in your eyes

Than, I was a failure in every way that mattered

Walk slowly, be more of a lady he would say

Only on weekends I saw him

Come play with me, Daddy I would say

No, I have to mow the grass was his reply

Always the damn grass, I was never important

By the time I was sixteen he gave my room to my little brother

It was the straw that broke the camels back

I left Dad house for good, never looked back

Ran all the way to my Mothers house

She accepted me for who I was and loved me

Now with my grandmothers passing

I try to complete her last wish

Her wish for my Father and me to be reconciled

There is too much pain and too much anger

Tears fall down my cheeks in silent anguish

Why Father, why can't you accept me

I just want to be your little girl again

Loved, cherished, adored

I want the closeness I felt back

I want my Daddy back

I just want to be your little girl.