The Thought


A thought
One instant of revelation
Can topple
All that one has constructed
The belief
In multiple possibilities
Truth reveals
One destiny is preordained
All hopes
Dashed by woven strings
By say
Of the cuts and knots of fate
Caught up
In the webs of life
Stuck in
The dreams of betterment
Knowing more
Than one humanly should
Accepting it
Blindly and wholeheartedly
Shepherded into
A tightly planned niche
One choice
Nothing else offered
One rule
Or all else will crumble
Conformity is unavoidable
For all who wish
All you yearn for freedom
Will be caught
Thinking of opportunities
Dashed at the start
The future has been decided
No room for alterations
Break the norm
And be personally free
Suffer the backlash
Of obscurity
Outsiders and castaways
All made the same mistake
The thought