Keep Climbing


Get my mind working
Overdrive and over loaded
Too many things to do
Much much more awaits me
Places to go and people to meet
Names attaches to faces
Which is paired with which
Is beyond my knowledge
Problems to solve
For myself and others
Lacking the capability
To be in two places at once
Not having a clone
To spilt the duties with
Turn the gears
Generously apply the oil
I'm pulling an all-nighter
Coffee and doughnuts
Food for thought
Mozart and the classics
For inspiration and focus
With so much on my plate
Eyes too big for my stomach
The buffet is too tempting
Add a wafer thin mint
And I'll bust
Balanced dished now topple
Crashing to the cutting room floor
One more thing to do now
Clean up mess
And inevitably start a new
Viscous cycle of the over achiever
Why build just one
When two is twice the work
If I have the best
Might as well make something better
Strive for it all
No matter the cost
Life and limb are worthy sacrifices
Climbing one more step higher
Up the ladder to success
I can't see the top
Not knowing just where it will end
But I still want it
Whatever it takes
I'll do everything
It will keep me busy
It will be the end of me
I'll be happy once its over
If it ever is over
Keep climbing
Keep climbing