Your Life Passes Me By


Seeing the man that you have become
Still so young and naive to so much
But wiser and more refined
Something has changed
And just what that is I don't know
A small alteration or a complete overhaul
But just noticeable to the untrained eye
Pride fills me to the brim
Knowing that I knew you back when
Believing that all things were possible
For the man I loved and the one that could do all
Capable of so much more than thought
And now I am forced to sit aside
I hear the whispers that I am thinking of myself
That I want to steal the spotlight at any moment
I only wish they would hear my side
Not wanting to cause more trouble for you
Only hoping the brightest future
The most fulfilling adventures you ever dreamed of
Wishing that I could share that with you
Knowing that if things were different
That may have been the case today
We perhaps shared a final conversation of small talk
Awkward and uncomfortable for the both of us
I remembered the intimate moments
While you spoke to me from a foot or two away
I would have stayed longer
Afraid we'd draw a crowd
But then again that's wishful thinking
I was always the scene-stealer
But it wasn't my place
Instead I watched you take one step further away
And had to be content with the fact that it was best
For me to step aside and allow your life
To pass me by