Performances Daily


I am an actress
My real world
Exists on cues
Perineum arches
Enclose my focus
A fourth wall
Allows me to
Wear my heart
On my costume
Makeup presents
The pretty picture
I stand out more
Beyond the lights
In front of backdrops
Lines of dialogue
Rehearsed and staged
No hidden surprises
I know the ending
Divided into acts
The exposition
Rising action
A climax
Final resolution
Crisis after crisis
Building drama
Interjecting humor
Witty remarks
Perhaps action
Fights of fists and words
Performance of a lifetime
My day to day life
Performing for the world
As the world
Is glued to the story line
Will I triumph
Or perhaps fall short
Find the love
Will tragedy plague me
A play that has no end
The show must go on
I have no understudy
Flawlessness is required
One bad show
Costs me the deal
The curtain never falls
There is no intermission
Please hold the applause
I am an actress
Performing to stay alive