The fires within

Me: Ok, so first of all, understand that the normal text represents my
'negative' side and the stuff with a '-' represents my 'positive' side. If
you read both formats as one poem it won't make sense, so DON'T! And in my
opinion this poem sucks. And if you're wondering, I'm 'negative' and have
been for a while now. So anyhow, here's the poem:

Staring at the sunlight
-Why have you forgotten me?
From underwater
-I'm down here
Resting under the surface
-Can't you see me
Like those lies that I was told
-in my sadness
It's so cold down here
-Won't you rescue me
Like my frozen heart
-From my fear
But it's not frozen
-And my hate
Thanks to you
-Won't you help me
How could you betray me
-Overcome this
Leaving me here
Binding horror
-Did I create this?
In my tears
-No, I'm not this twisted
Of hate and despair
-I'm innocent
How could I be so blind
-I know there's love
I let you deceive me
-I feel it still
I am such a fool
-As I have all along
To think that you'd be different
-Take my hand
Hasn't this happened before
-Lead me to the light
I'm falling
-I am waiting
-Waiting for you
Trapped in your lies
-My spirit cries for the dawn
All the lies
-The rays of sun upon my face
But not my own
-Once again with you
I didn't make my prison
-I know you'll come
This is your creation
-To help me
I didn't want to be here
-Overcome this confusion
I wouldn't want to be here
-I want to understand
I'd leave if I could
-I want to heal
but I can't
-to relieve their pain
thanks to you
-they suffer day by day
can you see my skin?
-I can help them
I'm a mass of blood
-Can't I?
Milky white eyes standing out
-I care too much to leave them
In a twisted crimson face
-Their life is too
Scarred by the pounding hail
-Beautiful to lose
In my twisted crimson face
-In an instant
Scarred by the falling hail of torture
-Snatched away by the fire
I wish I could die
-The burning anger
I am lost in the bitterness
-I want to stop it
Of my black heart
-But I can't
Who cares what happens now
-So I'll do what I can-
No matter what, it will hurt me
-But all for you
The dead can't feel a thing
-You would never forget me
I wish I could be
-I trust you and I always have
Without a heart
-And love is what will save us all
So they couldn't hurt me
-I feel no hate for life
As they always do
-Only compassion
The flames of my hatred
-Hope is still with us
Ignites my emotions
-I see it in your smile
And I feel the pain
-There is no more evil
Why pray for salvation
-Only good
When there is nobody to care,
-Rain washes the earth
No salvation left to give
-Healing the hurts
Nothing left to worship
-Tears of relief
Except paintings hung on bleak white walls
-Falling from heaven
Like the walls of my prison
I am lost
-For the beauty of life
-We will be forgiven still
And I can never return
-Oh my creator
To the world I once knew
-Release me from this stronghold
When I looked to you, hoping you'd save me
-The stronghold of my hate
But that's all gone now
-It horrifies me
Because you pushed me away
-For I cannot control it
Can't you see it isn't my fault
-Help me
I didn't want to be like this
-For I know you can
But it is all I am now
-I lie in wait
And I will cloak myself
-For you
In hate