A/N: You may notice that this poem has no punctuation on the ends of the lines. I wrote this in such a manner that it can be interpreted in different ways depending on how you couple the lines (ex. Would you read it, "And I drop to my knees/Beside my own grave," or, "Beside my own grave/I place a single calla lily"?), and that is why I have left the punctuation out. I hope you enjoy both the many messages I have tried to place into this piece of poetry.

One more rose shatters as it hits the cold ground

So many now it seems

I cannot get past

But must tread my heavy steps

My numb feet cannot feel

As the splinters find their way inside

Crystalized tears coming from above

Cascade in a brilliant display

And I drop to my knees

Beside my own grave

I place a single calla lily

I twist, I bend

All to the stars' command

I set my shawl aflame

And watch the smoke curl

Towards the ocean's frothy foam

Where I will meet with my angel

Who will carry my soul

To the sirens

I rasp my obedience

And sink beneath the waters

Back to my maker