My Child of the sea,
who's love was deepest, dearest to me,

why don't you return to this lonely shore,
so I may glimpse your face once more,

shed your shining silver pelt,
admit the love we shared and felt,

look upon me with your dark eyes,
I'll know you in any guise,

your wee little lass isn't sleeping,
but still her watch for mother keeping

as shadows fall and night's desecnding,
our shared pain is neverending

Dearest Child, of the sea,
did my love mean naught to thee?

Do you curse my heart, my name
Upon my kind lay all the blame?

I'll forever wait at morning tide,
my longing never satisfied,

until at last, you come again,
walk once more with mortal men,

is this how it shall forever be?
divided always, You and Me?