Title: The Elements: The Power of Four

Author: Coni

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: All my characters! Please don't use without my permission, and don't steal!

Summary: Four teenagers find out their true destiny in magic.

A/N: Wow I finally finished something! Yes! The prologue of the Elements! First chapter is almost done! Please read, everyone. This took a lot of time! Thanks! J Prologue

The dark-haired young woman bent over as she picked up something from the dirt ground, brushing her fingers on her emerald-green dress. A piece of charred rock lay in her hand, one side burnt black and still sizzling softly. She touched the cloth band she always wore on her forehead gently.

"I didn't know rocks burned," the man beside her commented. He looked about the same age as her, with dirty blond hair swishing into his freckled face.

"Anything the Dark Lord touches, burns," said another woman, this one a blond, rather harshly, as she stepped out from behind a tree. Parts of her long hair were neatly braided, but the smudges of dirt on her face said otherwise. "I thought you knew that, Bryth."

The man named Bryth shrugged helplessly, fingering the edge of his dark red cloak.

"Where's Tobias?" the first woman said suddenly and apprehensively, her green eyes sharp. "Perhaps he has seen something."

"He went in that direction," said the fair-haired lady, pointing west. Her clear blue eyes scanned the horizon, searching. She turned back to the dark-haired woman. "Cora, don't you think—"

She was interrupted by the arrival of a tall, brown-haired man.

Cora spotted him first. "Tobias!" she said, relieved.

"I found something," said the young man, his eyes flickering to Cora's hand. He took out his own hand, and a dozen stones dropped to the ground, each one black and scorched. Bryth inhaled sharply.

"I felt his presence," said Tobias. "He is very close to us. I do not know if he knows we are here yet, but it's safer to believe he does."

"Where is he, though?" asked Bryth. He glanced around nervously.

Tobias took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "South-west," he said, opening them again, and looking around at them all. "Let's go."

The blond lady stood up. "What about a plan? Tobias said we should assume he knows we're here, so shouldn't we…"

"It's alright," said Cora, as they started walking. "We'll figure something out, Danyelle."

Danyelle sighed as she followed the group. "I certainly hope so."

They walked through the forest in the direction Tobias told them, himself at the front, closely followed by Cora, and then Bryth and Danyelle. Tobias would stop at intervals, and then lead the group on after making sure they were going in the right direction. The forest was dense and dark; barely any sunlight reached the insides of the forest, even though it was around midday. Sounds emitted from the bushes: weird uncanny sounds made by unknown animals, for all sorts of things lived in forests.

A small fly-looking thing unexpectedly flitted out of a bush, stopping Tobias in his tracks. At a closer look, the thing was actually a human-like fairy, with pale green skin and wings. Her long mane of hair was a color of deep purple; so was the color of her eyes and lips. Various body jewels and designs dotted her face, arms, legs, and bare feet, and she wore a dress made of leaf. The fairy-like creature carried a long wand, the top ending in complicated swirls. Altogether she was not more than seven inches tall.

Tobias held out a hand, and the creature landed on it, bowing gracefully. Then she looked up at him, her purple eyes sharp and fierce.

"Elen," said Tobias. "It's very dangerous here."

The creature snapped her fingers, and about a dozen more of her kind revealed themselves from the bushes, each one with blue hair. "My warriors are not afraid of the Black Spirit," she told him. She had a strange accent. "I sent scouts ahead. I believe he knows you are here."

Tobias nodded. "We think so too. Is he far from here?"

Elen shook her head, her purple eyebrows stitched in frustration. "We cannot see him, just like you cannot when he is not in his human form. The Mésura can only do so much. You know we would help you if we could."

"Yes," said Cora. "We thank you for your help, dartih."

The fairy turned her sharp eyes to her. "I would send with you a hupta, but I cannot risk my people's lives for humans."

"We know," said Tobias, and the fairy shifted.

"You must be on your way," said Elen. Her wings vibrated and she hovered in the air in front of them. "Good luck to you, Air Spirit." She looked at the rest of them individually. "Earth Spirit, Fire Spirit, Water Spirit. Good luck. We will meet again soon, I hope." With that, she nodded at them, and then all the fairies disappeared.

The four of them continued walking silently in the same direction, each with a heavy heart as to what they were trying to accomplish. Tobias would occasionally feel for the dark taint of the "Black Spirit", as the Mésura called him. They did not say much to each other, for each of them could feel the formidable heaviness of their destiny, and what they were born to do.

Tobias stopped again, pausing to feel the air, and to read the messages that traveled within it. He frowned, running a hand through the thick and dense air.

"What's the matter?" asked Cora, coming up to stand beside him.

"Do you feel that?" said Tobias. "It's so…" Danyelle and Bryth had circled around him, both with worried expressions. Tobias breathed, and coughed. "The air is so dirty, it's filled with His touch…" He closed his eyes, and stayed still for a moment.

And then suddenly, as if an unseen force was acting upon them, Tobias fell backwards, and was about to hit the ground with full impact when he stopped in midair. His sudden frantic gasping reduced to quiet breathing as he calmed. Cora raised her eyes to see Danyelle's hand outstretched, and the frightened expression on her face almost matched Cora's.

"Thank you, Danyelle," said Tobias, as Danyelle gently lowered him to the ground. It took a few minutes for him to recuperate a bit, and then he started to talk.

"I felt it," he told the rest of the group. "He has done something significant, and important…he brewed a potion, but it was not done yet…he needed something…"

"Does he know we're here?" Bryth asked.

Tobias shook his head. "I do not know," he said. He closed his eyes again, breathing slowly. And abruptly, his eyes flashed open. "He is here!" he cried out. Tobias struggled to stand up, all the while choking and gasping, as he had not fully recovered from the first blow. "Hurry—he know we are here, it was a trick—a trap!" He reached out and gripped Cora's arm frantically. "Run! He is coming after us, Cora, you must leave! Run! Hurry!" He looked at Danyelle and Bryth, his eyes wide and bloodshot. The two stood there, not knowing what to do. Tobias waved them away from him.

"Run!" he was screaming now. "Run! Get out of here! Now!"

They did, as the realization of what he said suddenly took them. Bryth grabbed Danyelle's wrist, and they fled. Bryth looked back. "Come on!" he shouted, and was about to go back for Tobias when Tobias threw his arm out, and Bryth flew in the opposite direction, unable to get back to him. They had no choice but to flee, and to get away, out the forest.

Tobias was about to do the same to Cora, to use his powers to get her out, but she caught his arm. "I'm not leaving without you," she said fiercely.

"I can't walk," he told her hoarsely, and Cora concentrated on moving him, gripping his arm tightly. She breathed quickly, and a green glow surrounded her and Tobias.

"I'm giving you some of my energy," she said, and suddenly, he could run. He grabbed her hand, and ran as fast as they could to get out the forest, hearts and feet pumping.

An invisible force suddenly lashed around Cora's throat, and she gasped; she was being pulled backwards. She could see Tobias, trying with all his might to get them free, but she knew it was no use. No one was a match for the Dark Lord.

She saw the clearing they were in moments before, this time occupied by a dark shape. It shifted, the invisible rope around her neck disappeared, and she and Tobias fell to the ground. Distantly, she could make out the blue of Danyelle's dress in a corner, and the shape of Bryth, both unconscious. Then she watched as Sha'tiel threw a powerful blow at Tobias, knocking him into a tree, rendering him unconscious too.

Cora screamed as it hit her too, and she doubled over, gasping, pain shooting through her.

The black shape spoke as it took its human form. Sha'tiel, also called Faethal. Darkshade. Nightvenom. He watched them with gleaming eyes, the silver color of his human skin not quite normal. "You Elements," he said, chuckling diabolically. "Always thought you would destroy me. But now, I will have the chance to kill you all. One by one. Earth, Air, Water, Fire. I will have the joy of seeing you all suffer," Cora watched him through half-lidded eyes, the pain still burning like a never-ending fire. She felt so tired…

"From the very beginning," said the black-cloaked man in front of her. "I was vindictive, disposed to seek revenge, to destroy you once and for attempting to demolish me! I always get what I want…" his lips curled in a sneer. "Once I get your blood, I will become invincible! The ancient potion, the main ingredients from it…" He started reciting:

"Blood from an enemy,

Blood from a friend,

Flesh from your kin,

And your life shall not end."

Cora remembered it. The most devilish potion in the books, and the main ingredients were the ones the Dark Lord had enumerated: blood from an enemy, blood from a friend, and flesh from a kinfolk. The potion was written in a poem with many verses, and the other ones, which involved the other ingredients, were immensely complicated.

Faethal sneered, and said, "Nothing can kill me. Once I drink the potion, I will become immortal, and the ritual will be done!"

That was when Cora noticed the deep gashes on Danyelle and Bryth, their blood flowing freely down their arms. She concentrated hard, and the blood stopped. Faethal noticed this.

"That's not going to help," he said. "I only need your blood now…" Cora looked at Tobias. Blood was dripping down from his forehead, and as she watched, it gathered in a puddle and flew over to the pot boiling on the fire in the center of the clearing.

The Evil called Sha'tiel advanced towards her. The pain in her stomach was unbearable; the knot grew bigger and bigger, and she felt like screaming, but she knew it would only please him to see her suffer. With the last of her energy, she ripped off the band of cloth around her forehead, just as he was in front of her.

The light blinded him, a thousand streams shooting off in every direction. Cora sent it at him, the light hitting him again at again. He screamed at her, she felt an acute pang in her arm, but she kept it up, using up all her energy. Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop. The phrase ran in her head over and over. Her vision was becoming blurry. Distantly, she heard him laugh; a horrible cruel laugh…

"Look at yourself!" he was saying. She saw the shape of a cup…he was drinking from it… "I'm immortal now! You may have killed me now, but I will be back! But not before I kill you all first!"

She looked down at herself, and was surprised to see blood flowing swiftly from her arm. She heard someone call her name, and then Tobias was by her side, holding her to him. Cora felt so tired, so tired. She wanted to go to the dark void inside her and stay there…

Then she saw Danyelle and Bryth. She saw two bolts of power hit them. Their bodies flew up into the air, and even before they dropped she knew they were dead. She wanted to tell Tobias not to leave her, but she couldn't make her mouth move. Don't stop, don't stop. She remembered. The light. Cora concentrated on the light.

And then she felt it. Another burst of energy hit Tobias beside her. Then she knew he was dead, and she felt a surge of anger, and hit Sha'tiel with the light as hard as she could. She heard him screaming, and writhing; when he stopped she knew he would not survive it. Or would he? She didn't know…a bolt of energy suddenly hit her too, hit her with such force that she was hurled into the air, and hovered for a moment.

Tobias, she thought weakly. Danyelle, Bryth. Where are you? She could not feel them, and she felt so empty. But there was still a light she could see. It was he. It was the spirit called the Kamali, and he soothed her. She was so weak…she struggled to get into the light, and when her fingers touched it, she felt satisfied.

You have done well. A voice in her head said. Now, rest, child. Sleep.

She did.

And the body of Cora fell to the ground and lay still.

A/N: this is just the prologue, remember? The real story continues in the first chapter! Join me, okay?