The S-Files

A life? Heh, who needs one?

It was too dark for Ross to see anything…but he could feel everything.
The hand that slid over his chest was smooth with long delicate fingers. The body that pressed against his was toned and hard. Ross ran his fingers though the Stranger's hair; it was like running his hands though silk.
Ross gasped, arching into the Stranger's hand as the long fingers brushed along the length of his shaft. Ross could feel the Stranger smile as he pulled him into a kiss. He could feel the Stranger's tongue slip past his lips and teeth to slide over his own tongue, trace the roof of his mouth.
Ross broke the kiss gasping as he felt the Stranger press a finger into his opening, "Ahh!" Ross bit his lip, shifting his hips at the slight discomfort.
The Stranger chuckled, licking Ross's chest, "So tight." He sucked on one of Ross's nipples; making him arch his back and whimper. "First time?" The Stranger purred as he pressed another finger into Ross's tight opening.
Ross cried out at the Stranger brushed the sweet spot inside him, setting his body on edge.
The Stranger kissed him fully as he removed his fingers and entered Ross in one smooth move.
Ross's screams where swallowed by the Stranger's mouth, tears of pain and pleasure streaming down his face. The Stranger's hands, lips and tongue ran over Ross's sweat soaked body; soothing the burning flesh.
Ross forced his body to relax as he got use to the steady rhythm of the Stranger's thrusting. The Stranger ran his warm, wet tongue over Ross's cheek, licking away sweat and tears a like.
Moaning Ross arched into the Stranger's hand as he stroked Ross's member in time with his thrusts. Panting Ross gripped the sheets as the stranger rubbed his thumb over the head of Ross's throbbing member. Ross could feel the pressure growing in the tip of his cock. "Ahh, I'm going to cum." The words where barley panted out, as the stranger ran his tongue over one of the small mounds of flesh that rose from Ross's chest.
"Then come for me." The Stranger ran his tongue up along Ross's breastbone and into his waiting mouth.
Ross moaned loudly as he came into the Stranger's hand and felt himself be filled with the Stranger's cum.
The stranger pulled back and smiled, "See not that bad." Ross sighed as he felt the Stranger pull out of him, unable to say anything.
The Stranger kissed him…then disappeared.

Ross jumped and blinked a few times, "Wha?" He sat up and looked around his room then flopped back onto his bed.
/Just a dream…one hell of a fucking dream./ Ross thought rubbing his hands over his face.
Reaching under the covers Ross ran his fingers over the hot stickiness of his own seed. Looking at his wet fingers by the dim light of the street lamp that came in weakly via his window Ross chuckled softly to himself, "I need a life."