The S-Files

Love's and Death's kiss.

A/N: Yeah I know that the last story wasn't the best sex writing ever but it was about 3 in the morning when I wrote it so yeah. Also don't ask where the hell this came from, I don't even know. Oh, also there's a bit of light necrophilia too.

The blood had stopped pooling five hours ago; the body's tan skin had taken on a light gray tinge, the brown eyes where dull.
Kyle sat looking at the body of his lover.
It had been so easy…and so hard.
But he had to do it; Jay was going to leave him. Kyle knew it too, he's seen the look before, the one that said, "I'm done with you." And he wouldn't let that happen again…not ever.
He lay down next to the body, heedless of the blood that was pooled thick on the tiles of the bathroom. He smiled softly as one hand ran lovingly thought the once soft, sun-bleached brown hair – hair that was now dark and stiff with blood – as the other hand ran lightly down the cold skin – skin that was once a warm golden-brown from the sun that Jay loved so much – to the patch of hair between his lover's legs.
Kyle closed dark brown eyes as he imagined his lover's chest rising and falling as he breathed, his heart beating softly under the skin and bones that where so easily torn and broken. As he played with the patch of hair he imagined Jay's heart beat picking up, his back arching slightly at the touch, a soft moan coming from the slit throat.
Opening his eyes Kyle looked at his lover's face; Jay's face was forever frozen in the shock of betrayal.
Pressing his lips to Jay's – slipping his tongue inside the dry, cold cavern – Kyle thought about the old familiar warmth invading his own. Warm, familiar and sweet.
Pulling back Kyle looked into the glazed light brown eyes, "I had to do it Love." Kyle nuzzled under his lover's chin, snuggling up against the stiff body, "I couldn't let you leave me."
"I wasn't going to leave you." An all too familiar voice spoke from the doorway to the blood stained bathroom.
Kyle looked up and gasped in shock as he looked at the image of Jay leaning against the doorframe.
There was no blood, no dull, glazed look in the brown eyes, his sun-bleached brown hair fell soft around his face, and his golden brown skin radiated warmth.
Kyle stood reaching out a hand that was dark and slick with blood, "Jay…I thought I –" He looked down at the cold and bloody body of his lover.
Jay smiled dryly, "Yes you did." His brown eyes grew sad as he walked forward and cupped Kyle's face. "Why? I was never going to leave you…why would you think that I would?"
Kyle leaned into his lover's strangely warm hand, tears brimming in his eyes, "I just had a feeling that you would leave me…it's happened before…I couldn't – wouldn't – let that happen again." Kyle smiled, "But now we can always be together, right?" His voice broke with the desperation in it.
Jay smiled fully; a strange light filled his light brown eyes, "Yes, we can be." Then pressed his lips to his lover's.
The last thing Kyle felt or tasted was the old familiar warmth and sweetness of Jay's mouth.

The ME's report concluded that one Jay Lipper was murdered as he was stepping out of the shower: his throat was slit. His roommate and reported lover Kyle Harris was found dead on the bathroom floor next to the body of his roommate and lover: his heart had exploded inside his chest.