Author's Note: I haven't posted anything for the longest time. I meant to continue my hobbit slashes, but you know how it goes. I probably won't write another fanfiction in my life! Anyway I've been doing a lot of original work lately. So here is something for you to enjoy. I'm sorry for my lack of punctuation, but hey, it's a poem.

By: Jebus hey

I'm the one.
I'm the one that was there yet never seemed to be
Do you remember me?
I'm the one you ridiculed
I'm the one that didn't care
I'm the one that sat there
And received your terrible stare
Do you remember me?
I'm the one that got the gun And pointed it to my head
I'm the one they found dead that morning
Lying on my bed
But in my hands they found a letter
And that letter said
"You'll remember me now. I know you will
For my death haunts you still
Remember that I'm the one you drove to madness
And this was a result of my own sadness
I never called you names
Or laughed at you
And I don't mean to blame
But the least you could have done was remember my name
You'll remember it now
That's for sure
For what you did to me I saw but only one cure
But all that's done now
And I'm dead and gone
And you will remember my name
By the way it's Shawn
Do you remember me now?
I'm the one you fought with
I'm the one that ran away
My name is Shawn
And you'll see me on the six 'o' clock news today"

Tell me what you think.