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Also, the demons at sometimes speak a language I made up called Vien'pal, or "Demon Tongue." I will translate it after I use it in the story. Anything that is in demon tongue will be bold print. Enjoy and please review!

Chapter 1

The sky was an endless expanse of unnatural scarlet. Sinister black, smoke-like clouds skated across the red vastness, giving off the aura of pure darkness. Swift flashes of ruby-colored lightning shot across the sky, closely followed by the tremendous rumble of thunder. It was amazing how intense both elements were. If one didn't know any better, one would think that the thunder and lightning were angry at each other. It seemed that this intense anger had saturated the very fabric of the strange world, engulfing it in ineffable fury.

The man maintained his gaze at the sky, his eyelids obfuscating his vision. He was in a placid state of meditation, despite the deep redness of the sky. He was used to its red hue, and in his mind, it was the most serene aspect of his world. Everything else reeked of anguish, malice, and darkness. He himself was once apart of this world's void of obscurity. But now, he was in opposition of it and its leader. And after almost a year of mere opposition to this dark emperor, today would be his downfall. Today, he would send his enemy into a darkness so black, it would eat him alive.

Suddenly, he snapped his head back to eye level and revealed his eyes. Against his dark skin, the man's icy blue eyes seemed to pierce the very atmosphere. However, despite his menacing eyes, his appearance was extremely eye appealing. His shoulder length obsidian-colored hair was worn in a unique type of ponytail. His face was strong and firm, yet as handsome as a stallion. His face harbored a thin goatee, accenting his features. Lastly, he had a nicely chiseled body and was very fit.

He wore the most unusual attire, consisting of a long and flowing garment, trimmed in blue in some places. The dominant colors of the outfit were blue and black, though a scarce amount of white was present. He also was armed with weapons. A beautifully crafted sword was strapped to his waist; though the actual blade was sheathed, the scabbard and the handle were magnificently adorned with blue and black jewels. Contrasting the sword were weapons which he obtained from the human world, twin handguns, which were strapped to each leg; one handgun was mainly black with some silver places and the other gun was a creamy white color, accented with a mahogany brown color in some places. He looked like a warrior; a warrior who was prepared for battle.

"Commander!" a voice called from behind him, breaking his self- reflection period. The man turned around to see another armored warrior walking purposefully towards him. He wore a different type of armor, however, it was just as magnificent and elaborate as the would-be commander's armor. A large sword was strapped to his back and his belt seemed to house some hidden weapons, only to be scene by those who opposed him. A slight grin appeared on the commander's face as the warrior came closer.

"Yes Lieutenant?" the commander addressed the warrior. The lieutenant halted two feet from his commander and made a stiff chest salute to his superior. The commander laughed heartily at this gesture.

" Cease the formalities, Gellidus! I am merely a warrior, just as you!" the commander addressed the lieutenant. Gellidus smiled warmly, his vibrant wine-colored red eyes sparkling.

"It is simple courtesy, commander! You are my superior, friend or not!" he replied to the commander. The commander let out one last chuckle.

"In any case, what have you to report?" the charismatic commander asked his 1st lieutenant.

"It appears that Malstrae Castle is on low alert. Our forces our ready to mobilize on your signal, commander." Gellidus informed. The commander rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

".Strange that Remecrion would leave his fortress at times such as these." the commander thought aloud.

"There is truth in what you contemplate, commander. Remecrion is an accomplished master of trickery." the 1st lieutenant agreed.

"Yes, Gellidus. I have not forgotten our days of service to the dark emperor." the commander reflected. His facial expression began to droop with solemnity.

"However, he shall be overthrown this day by his own kinsmen. Irony works in mysterious ways, my friend." Gellidus said with a smile. The commander looked towards the scarlet sky once more.

"Remecrion must be stopped. I must stop him. He has endangered my children and has taken a portion of my heart and soul away from me." the commander told his friend and lieutenant as his head drooped. Gellidus sincerely put a hand on his superior's shoulder.

"Listen to me, old friend," Gellidus began, trying to replace the commander's confidence. "No harm will come to Khellendros or Kharia. They are safe within the base."

"This I know," the somber commander nodded. He already knew that his son and daughter would be well taken care of. It was his heart that he was worried about. "However, I pray that my love has specter." Gellidus placed his remaining hand on the warrior's shoulder and stared him straight in the eyes.

"We will rescue Zephyr, Andronicus. I swear it on the Avalon." Gellidus assured, finally dropping his formalities and calling his commander by name. Sternness and determination began to rush back onto Andronicus' face. "Besides, you mustn't undervalue your wife. She is the Legendary Horseman of Strife, just as you and I are horseman of legend." Andronicus nodded purposefully.

"Let us depart for battle!" he said vigorously. Gellidus straightened his stance.