Her name was Teras. And she was cursed. Cursed in a way that no Unicorn had been cursed in centuries. It was not a usual curse, such as have been reflected back onto themselves, a usual for bullies, or having one's horn taken of and being sent to live as a wild horse, which was one of the worst. It wasn't a little one, such as causing hair color to diminish, or making a certain area out of bonds for the cursed. No, this was the worst punishment of all, and Teras wasn't even guilty of the crime she was being punished for. This hour three days ago, a colt had been murdered. Stabbed through the heart with someone's horn. It was not speakable of. A murder was horrible, but the murder of a foal? Unquestionable. And Teras was blamed, only because the colt's blood was found on her horn. Teras certainly didn't remember committing the murder, she could even state where she was at the time of the murder. But she was the only one who knew that and she had no proof to show it wasn't her. So they cursed her, and as Teras look down upon her new, bare, pink, ugly, horrible hands and wondered, Why, oh why did they have to turn me into a human?