First Journal entry - Byron
The day we lost Earth wasn't pretty. Not because most of the life on Earth died. I mean before that. It seems so long ago, but it was a Tuesday morning. That morning the sun didn't come up. Actually it did, but no one saw it. The aliens made it cloudy. So cloudy that no one could see the sun. Streetlights stayed on all day long. Then they came. Most of the people on Earth were killed. About a million were taken as slaves. The problem was, we thought they were aliens wanting to take over Earth. The fact is they are from Earth. Just another dimension. I guess they figured they had a right to our planet too. We don't. We call ourselves Earth's Last Hope. It started as a joke, but now we're all starting to believe it.
There are five of us. I'm Byron. The four others are Jared, Simon, Gwen and Xenia. Simon's the only one who didn't realize on his own that he had to leave. He lived on a farm in practically the middle of no where. Then I showed up and told the whole town of about seven hundred people to scram. Then I got a little annoying and some dude punched me square in the face. Simon's dad dragged me to his place and I convinced Simon to hide out in the forest. Xenia is a psychic, so she saw the whole thing happen before it happened. That only happens some times and she says she's usually wrong. We all think she's a little wacko, but I give her credit for being alive and free.
Jared's a physicist who realized the danger all by himself. Maybe he was just paranoid, but it worked. Gwen's a fighter pilot who saw the aliens arrive from the air. She saw all her squadron killed before she found a deserted place and crashed her plane. A day later when she woke up there were less than ten humans left alive on the planet.
I'm a hacker. I used to do it a lot. After I got fired from my computer programming job I started majorly hacking. I didn't really figure out that I had to leave the city by myself. I hacked into the HotLine. Your know that thing the President uses to contact other countries leaders in movies? It's a real thing and it's got super high security. I haven't figured out how to say anything, and even if I did I'm sure they'd kill me. Or at least they would have. Anyways, that's how I found out I should leave. The President might still be alive. I think he went into hiding. I couldn't care less. He's not jumping out to help us.
But back to the story. Earth's Last Hope needs to find a way to get to that other dimension. Our local physicist is working on it at the moment. The rest of us are just trying to survive. Speaking of surviving. We thought there were four other people that survived in Europe, Asia and Australia. We haven't had contact with them for weeks. I suspect the worst, but I usually do anyways. We contacted them through the Internet the first time and we used to check up on each other every second day. One was Japanese and it helped that Jared is Japanese. Xenia is Mexican, straight from Mexico. Luckily she spoke good English and lived in the wealthy part of Mexico city. Gwen's your average white chick. She's almost the opposite of Xenia. Gwen has short light brown hair while Xenia has long black hair. Xenia had dark brown eyes while Gwen's are green. Not to mention their personalities. Us guys get along pretty well. Simon's pretty slow so he doesn't cause trouble. Jared's usually working too hard to notice the rest of us. Not to mention, if he gets mad he swears in Japanese. Me, being your average ignorant white guy, has no clue what he's saying. Frankly, I don't care. I'm not here to get into a fight with my own species. I'm here to kill the aliens. Yeah, that's right. You know what would help? If we could get out of our dimension!

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