Gwen sat at the controls on board the Unity. All the people they had rescued previously were packed into the lounge and docking bays. They had set up railings so that people wouldn't fall out when they opened the doors to the docking bays. But they could see out. The lounge had windows and everyone could see out. Jared, Xenia and Jason were in the cockpit looking out.
Byron was in their old ship which they had recently renamed Taste of Freedom. Tamara, Tindel and Malara were on board. Byron made the jump and came out on the other side. He sped for New York. The hundreds of other ships were all waiting for him. He raced there and made it in a few minutes. He hovered above the Statue of Liberty. He sent a message to all ships. On all the ships the message was projected throughout the whole ship.
"Hello everyone, sorry to keep you waiting. I hope you can all see and I hope you enjoy."
He turned the comm off and turned on a two way radio. "If you guys can hear me, do it now!" The Statue of Liberty began to come up out of the water. A structure was put up beside it to make it look like a group of men were lifting it up. But a thin man that stood on top of the structure was raising it with his mind.
Minutes passed and she was beginning to look normal. Dirt covered part of her face. More time passed and she was finally upright. Byron flew above it and released the whole cargo bay and water splashed down on her. Her face was clean. The fire put out, but she was standing straight and tall. Byron could here the clapping and cheers from the people on the ground and in the open docking bays of all the ships. There were thousands on the ground and speakers projected Byron's voice for them once again.
"The new inscription reads:
"All humanity is free, and shall stay free. The rights of humans and T'gal have been set straight. Liberty and freedom belong to Earth, and all it's occupants.
The crowds cheered, forgetting their pains and sorrows. An English man in a hat sat down and plugged his guitar into an amp and started to play. He also sang into a microphone set up near by. He sang a song of his love for the Statue of Liberty. He changed the words from his song written in a time long before. This was not a symbol of America's freedom. It was a symbol of the world's freedom.

Byron stayed on Human Earth and set up the Internet again. He traveled all over and set up servers. He fixed up all the remaining ones. The Internet was the worlds only means of communication. He set up websites for people to find their friends and relatives. After he was done he spent most of his time with the rest of the group in their mansion in California. Though money was no matter, things were traded. Though the heroes were given the biggest house so that they could all live together, and because, well, they were heroes. The heroes didn't need to worry about any money anyways.

Gwen stayed on the T'gallian Earth and was the leader of the group that made sure there were no humans being mistreated or being used as slaves. She was never bored. She spent her weekends and holidays on her home Earth. She still missed it, but decided that she would always devote her life to freeing humans

Xenia stayed on the Human Earth. Along with Tindel she opened a hospital. Tindel was the head doctor. Actually, he was the only doctor. Xenia was more of a comforter, but she did a good job. Tindel loved what he was doing. He learnt all he could about humans and contributed a lot to new medicines and cures.

Jason became a reported on the Human Earth. He reported all sorts of good news about accomplishments that were going on around the world. Tamara worked in the hospital with Xenia and Tindel. She was a nurse before the invasion and did the same after. Soon after they returned to their Earth, Tamara and Jason married. Xenia lost her husband when Earth was taken and didn't want to remarry. Jason understood and turned his attention to Tamara.

Simon took care of Taylor for a long time. They both stayed on Human Earth. Taylor quickly began to distinguish between people who were just in her head and people who were real. He got over his crush and they stayed good friends, but became nothing more.

The TAS group became an organization that funded the group that Gwen led. They had promotions all the time which the original group usually attended. T'gals as a race never enslaved humans from any world again. Most ships were stripped of the ability to travel between dimensions.

Jared was still a physicist. He finally figured out how to travel between dimensions. Then he moved on to larger things, and accomplished much for the world.

New York was inhabited by 'normal' people and the mutants lived on Long Island. Not long after they re-erected the Statue of Liberty most died. Their bodies and minds had been too severely changed.

The original group always kept in touch. They all had different plans for when they died. But Tindel had a better idea. Before they all died they were frozen. Tindel didn't really know how to 'unfreeze' them and keep them alive. Being a T'gal he lived much longer than any of them. He finally found a way and put it into his notebooks. He told the scientific community of his discovery then froze himself. One day the heroes would be re-awakened to see their world again.
The End

Sorry for the weird end. I couldn't bring myself to 'kill' them. This way they could live again. It makes me feel better. Plus I could write a really futuristic sequel... BTW the english man is from a band I like(called XTC) that has a song simply called Statue of Liberty, just in case you want to listen to it(btw It's probably the happiest band I listen to). Any comments you don't want to say in a review please email me at stargirl_166 …Anyways, Thanks to everyone so much for reviewing, and I'm so glad you liked my story.