Feel Me

I am an eternal memory in your forgetful mind
You hear me, and breath me yet you do not see me or feel me
I cry so loud that lightning blasts and thunder bellows
and rain falls from the sky like tears from Heaven
Why have you forsaken me?
after all I have given and sacrificed for your happiness and peace
Why have you lost me in the labyrinth of your selfish life?
after I gave you my word and my everything
So much have I witnessed and succumb to
And STILL I am startled by the love you won't give me
or can't give me
I want you to hear me and breath me
But I NEED you to see me and feel me
I miss you and yearn for your thoughts and prayers

For without me, no rapture will be tasted on your lips
No wonders will amaze your futile existence
Panic will disturb the peace I would have willingly shared
Your heart will beat sorrow from this loss

Remember, I bring you eternity so honor me with your faith
Remember that I AM GOD